3020 Palmetto, LLC

3020 Palmetto, LLC is a Florida limited liability company based in Miami. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Mar 21, 2007.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeFLAL
Filing DateMar 21, 2007
FEI Number208786372
Principal Address
3020 Nw 79 Avenue

3020 Palmetto, LLC Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for 3020 Palmetto, LLC. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between 3020 Palmetto, LLC and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Mora Jose Orlando Officer (MGRM) Jose Mora
430 Gand Bay Drive #304
Key Biscayne
FL 33149
(Miami-Dade County)

The following companies have a director or officer called Jose Mora
3022 Doral Palmetto, LLC - Officer (MGRM)
Mora Anna C Registered Agent Anna Mora
485 Hampton Ln
Key Biscayne
(Miami-Dade County)

Anna Mora
3020 Nw 70th Ave
(Miami-Dade County)

The following companies have a director or officer called Anna Mora
3022 Doral Palmetto, LLC - Registered Agent
Acl Investments, Ltd. - Registered Agent
Orduna Real Property, LLC - Registered Agent
Ornor Investment Corporation - Officer (TRES)

Principal Location

3020 Palmetto, LLC is located at 3020 Nw 79 Avenue in Miami.

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