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Visulate maintains records for over 8,000,000 properties and 1,700,000 companies in Florida. Enter a street address in the search box then press search. Visulate finds the coordinates of that address then looks for nearby real estate and companies. It displays a map showing the location along with properties and companies within 150 meters.

Real estate reports provide market and income valuation estimates. Visulate has estimates for the rental income, expenses, NOI and cap rate for every property in Florida. It displays these as a pro-forma income statement. A drill down link from the income statement allows the user to edit these values to perform "what if" analysis and estimate cashflow.

Visulate's company records display information from public records for active corporations, companies and non profits registered in the State of Florida. The records include their principal location plus the names and positions of its officers. Company reports include links to the Florida Department of Corporation's Sunbiz site and other sites with company related information.

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