Investment and Property Management Software

Visulate is a web based software system which aims to help manage the relationship between investors and property managers. It allows users to collaborate on the management of a property. Many investors own more than one property and may use more than one property manager. Property managers typically manage more than one building for more than one investor. With other systems property managers need to assemble statements and reports that they email to investors. This can be time consuming. Managers have to assemble reports and send them to investors. Investors may receive multiple reports from different managers that they have to consolidate. Visulate addresses this by providing a central database that can be accessed online.

Visulate is a multi-user system. A manager can manage properties for multiple investors and share information with them. Managers only see details of the properties they are managing and the investors only see their property details. An investor may own multiple properties and employ more than one manager. Each user has a custom view into the system and only sees the data that is relevant to them.

Visulate aims to improve the productivity of a rental manager by providing a single system to record tenancy agreements, repairs, maintenance and payments. It's optimized for regular events that a manager performs. For example, it generates a list of rents due at the beginning of the month and provides a single page for the manager to record their receipt.

For investors the system provides a mechanism to oversee the running of their property. It provides read-only access to the tenancy records and the ability to record loans and property appreciation. It also provides year to date and prior year income summaries for properties and groups of properties.