Niana Trading & Investment Co. Of Florida, Inc.

Niana Trading & Investment Co. Of Florida, Inc. is a Florida for profit corporation based in Miami. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Jun 3, 1987.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeDOMP
Filing DateJun 3, 1987
FEI Number592815991
Principal Address
1155 Brickell Bay Dr 3409

Niana Trading & Investment Co. Of Florida, Inc. Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Niana Trading & Investment Co. Of Florida, Inc.. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Niana Trading & Investment Co. Of Florida, Inc. and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Chandiramani Manohar N Officer (Pres) Manohar Chandiramani
1155 Brickell Bay Dr
(Miami-Dade County)

Rita M Marin Pose Registered Agent Marin Rita
1901 Sw 12 Ave
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Niana Trading & Investment Co. Of Florida, Inc. is located at 1155 Brickell Bay Dr in Miami.

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(1101 Brickell Ave) Vizcaya International Realty Inc (1101 Brickell Ave) Charlie Advisory Group, LLC (1201 Brickell Ave) Etm Engineering Services, LLC (1201 Brickell Ave) Elvis Taylor LLC (1201 Brickell Ave) Cobalt Construction Group, LLC (1201 Brickell Ave) Medio 10 Miami, LLC (1201 Brickell Ave) Star Education, LLC (1201 Brickell Ave) Cobalt Realty Group, Inc. (1201 Brickell Ave) Stanley I. Foodman P.A. Certified Public Accountants (1201 Brickell Ave) Infotech Soft, Inc. (1201 Brickell Ave) Palacios' Orthodontics, Inc. 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(186 Se 12th Ter) Lmt Media Partners Inc (1111 Brickell Bay Dr) Orlando Woods Estates, Inc. (1111 Brickell Bay Dr) Dcc Forster International LLC (186 S E 12 Terrace) Eli Legacy, LLC (186 Se 12th Ter) Copello LLC (186 Se 12th Ter) Mathel Investment, Corp. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Vstar Investment, Corp (186 Se 12 Terrace) Global Express Market, Inc. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Carsica International Group, Corp. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Movida Bike, Corp. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Brickell Home Services, Inc. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Market Salud, Corp. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Exeter Capital Group LLC (186 Se 12th Ter) Villablino Investments LLC (186 Se 12 Th Ter) Maria Del Rocio Espinal, P.A. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Hyatt Home LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) American Lebanese Federation, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Inmobiliaria Internacional Real Estate Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr Apt 608) John D. Broussard, P.A. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Mar-Situs, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Drive #3001) Restaurant Investments, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) M.L.U.B Wealth Plus, Corp. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) 2114 Madeira Dr, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Jones Payment Consulting, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Mark Yacht Club On Brickell Bay, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Woodlawn Capital, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Validies LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Gabaldan, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Unicat Marine Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Your Best Wish General Services LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Dr Ardavan Saidi Pa (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Unlimited Distribution LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Explore El Mundo Travel & Education, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Sioncorp International LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) P 3 Design Group LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Buildings & Properties LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Sia Consulting, LLC. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Corporativo Empresarial Proton LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Isola Ph-24, LLC. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Hch Enterprises LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Marinvesment, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Beyond The Cube, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Dt Commerce LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Mj & Co, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Milu Entertainment LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Chris Granger Golf LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Best Practice LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Caribbean Standard Glass Manufacturing, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Atlantic Doors & Windows Manufacturing, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) The Mark 201 LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Akrom Consulting, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Lalaland 2284 LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Uvini LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Columbus Estate LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Watersong E&M, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Cloepms, LLC (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Bolulu Florida Corp. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Mathforkids, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Pti Group, Corp. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Wayne L. Berry, D.D.S., P.A. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Alina M Photography & Design, Inc. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Roberto A. Hernandez, Co. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Fbaxis, Corp (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Julian A. Zuniga, P.A. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) 7th Cavalry Corp. (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) Diana Caicedo, P.A (1155 Brickell Bay Dr) The Club 3514, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) The Club 1507 LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Brickell Liquor LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Olivo Garden Properties, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) The Club At Brickell Bay Plaza Condominium Association, Inc. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Afp American Investments, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr #3722) Worldwide Entertainment & Productions, Inc. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr Apt 4115) Bgc Educational Consultant Inc. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Buby, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Mount Sinai Investments LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Icr Ross Corp (186 Se 12 Terrace Cu1) Solaris 806, Inc. (186 Se 12 Terrace #806) A2v, LLC (186 Se 12th Terrace #2004) Dade Heritage Trust, Inc. (190 Se 12th Ter) Elite Surgical Spa, LLC. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Ferox Investments, LLC (186 Se 12 Terrace) Velez Realty Group, Inc (186 Se 12 Terrace) Blue Ribbon International Properties, Inc. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Vtx Logistic, Inc. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Services And Supplies International Import, Corp. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Sumserbal Corp (186 Se 12 Terrace) Penguin Partners Lllp (1221 Brickell Avenuve) Interamerican Lubricants, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Feroma Investments LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Oliva Real Estate LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Otero Media Solutions, Inc. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr Ste 2421) Gm Real Estate Properties, Corp. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) City Cash, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Dr Suite 2624) Moromar Maritime & Managements, Inc (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Best Service Realty, Inc. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Roxy Entertainment, Inc. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr Apt 3318) Mcguire Adjusters, LLC (1200 Brickell Bay Drive Unit 1402) Ecr Realty Group LLC. (1200 Brickell Bay Dr) Gpv General Products Inc (186 Se 12 Th Ter) Solaris At Brickell Bay Condominium Association, Inc. (186 Se 12 Terrace) Home Trade International, LLC (186 Se 12 Terrace) Lopezcabello Investment LLC (186 Se 12 Terrace #1201) Inversiones Kusary Miami, LLC (186 Se 12th Terrace Unit 1804) Brickell House LLC (186 Se 12 Terrace)
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