Badia Navigation, LLC

Badia Navigation, LLC is a Florida limited liability company based in Doral. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Dec 26, 2012.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeFLAL
Filing DateDec 26, 2012
FEI Number46-2002356
Principal Address
3650 Nw 82nd Ave
FL 33166

Badia Navigation, LLC Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Badia Navigation, LLC. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Badia Navigation, LLC and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Badia Limited Partnership Registered Agent Limited Badia
3650 Nw 82nd Ave
FL 33166
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Badia Navigation, LLC is located at 3650 Nw 82nd Ave in Doral.

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(245 Nw 8th St) Aaa Anytime Towing LLC (3950 Nw 167th St) 24/7 Automotive Performance LLC (3950 Nw 167th St) Problem Solvers Inc. (3950 Nw 167th St) Donna Holman, C.P.A., P.A. (3950 Nw 167th St) Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Inc. (225 Ne 59th St) Aaron Agriculture, Inc. (1875 Nw 79th St) Yailene Corporation (1875 Nw 79th St) Aaron Ranch Corp (1875 Nw 79th St) Badia Limited Partnership (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Badia Pavilion, LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Grapeca, LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Lawrence A. Schiffman, D.O., Faocd, P.L. (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Advanced Genetics, LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Rp Investimenti LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Siocam Usa LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Krembo LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Matteo, LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Union Group Usa, LLC. (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Roberta Mellone One LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Karantausa LLC (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Badia Management Corp. (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Priority Customs Broker, Inc. (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Sared Investment, Corp. (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Dbu Usa Inc. (3650 Nw 82nd Ave) Ibrp Inc (575 Nw 99th Pl) Jcm Enterprises Of South Florida, Inc. (750 Nw 133 Street) Hialeah River LLC (3100 Nw 36th St) Linda A Schechter Pa (4515 N Meridian Ave) Everest Kitchen And Bath Inc. (3400 Nw 67 Street) Beth Jacob High School, Inc. (1110 Ne 163rd St) Dj Denian Costa, LLC (2325 N Meridian Ave) Beautiful Humans LLC (2325 N Meridian Ave) Sourced LLC (2325 N Meridian Ave) Terberg Tractors Americas, Inc. (2790 Nw 79th Ave) Inactive Companies, LLC (700 Nw 107th Ave) Full Access Corners, LLC (12568 N Kendall Dr) Law Offices Of Michael Biberman P.A. (1500 Ne 162nd St) Insurance Litigation Center P.A (1500 Ne 162nd St) Management Pro LLC (4275 N Meridian Ave) Tikvahmuv LLC (4275 N Meridian Ave) Tikvahpg LLC (4275 N Meridian Ave) Saman, L.L.C. (7657 Nw 50th) Off The Grille Ii, Corp. (300 Ne 2nd Ave) Lead Alpha LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Mone&Lu, LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Moliveira Aventura 1 LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Shoes By Flor, L.L.C. (2750 Ne 183rd St) Ushak & K LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) 100 King Properties, LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Studio Page Design, LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Jib Miami LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Cmdf, LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Sublime Sustainable Solutions LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Driptip Vapes LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Anagenusa LLC (2750 Ne 183rd St) Sunshine Int'L Services Inc (2750 Ne 183rd St) Describe Inc. (2750 Ne 183rd St) Able Trucking, Inc. (2750 Ne 183rd St) Franco Londono Investment Corp (2750 Ne 183rd St) Imagann Cleaning Service, Inc. (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) Hamler Investments, LLC (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) Overtown Business Association Inc. (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) Suited For Success, Inc. (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) World Literacy Crusade Of Florida, Inc. (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) Axel Painting Inc (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) Ecl Builders Inc. (1600 Nw 3rd Ave) Ekt 1000 LLC (1000 Ne 86th St) Frm Outreach Center Inc (425 Ne 159th St) Silver Bullet Customs L.L.C. (150 Nw 54th St) This Is The Dog, Inc. (44 Ne 16th St) John P. Maas, P.A. (44 Ne 16th St) Aslach Consulting, Inc. (44 Ne 16th St) Agape Ministries Of Grace, Inc. (2330 N W 208 Street) Professional Eyecare Consultants, P.A. (12640 N Kendall Dr) Media Systems International, Inc. (2050 Ne 203rd St) Kph Investment Group LLC (600 Ne 52nd St) Isoma LLC (600 Ne 52nd St) Our Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church - Lcms Inc. (2362 Nw 95th St) Oneplus Medical Center Ii, LLC (11120 N Kendall Dr) Flagler Behavior Medical Center Inc (100 Ne 6 Avenue) Igrade Group, LLC (975 N Redland Rd) Continuum Care Employment Services, Inc (975 N Redland Rd) Between The Whistle, Inc. (975 N Redland Rd) Global Speech And Rehab Services, LLC (520 Nw 165th St) The Ob Investment Group, LLC (520 Nw 165th St) Washington'S Unlimited Services Inc (520 Nw 165th St) Return To Wellness, LLC. (520 Ne 38th St) Porges Management Inc. (435 Center Island Dr) Kayper, LLC (500 Ne 29th St) Alessandro Vera, LLC (500 Ne 29th St) Produvision International LLC (500 Ne 29th St) Hector L. Silva, Jr., P.A. (500 Ne 29th St) R Euro Design Corp (500 Ne 29th St) Jasper Enterprise Painting, Inc. (485 Nw 87th St) Sjk Family Holdings, LLC (580 Ne 59th St) Mimo Hospitality LLC (465 Ne 112th St) Mosscrop Associates, Inc. (460 Ne 59th St) Hassan Tile Company, Corp (460 Ne 158th St)
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