6315 Sw 8 St is a 40,466 sq ft Multi-family - 10 units or more in Miami. It was built in 2008. 6315 Sw 8 St sits on 0.60 acres of land. In 2014 similar properties sold for between $3,189,935 and $7,015,186. We estimate the income value of 6315 Sw 8 St at $5,227,843. The assumptions we used to calculate this value are include in the spreadsheet linked below. Miami is in Miami Dade County, Florida.

6315 Sw 8 St Property Summary

6315 Sw 8 St
FL 33144

Property Size:40,466 sq ft
Year Built:2008
Property Class:B3
Lat, Long: 25.764, -80.298

Not Offered for Sale

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Google Street View  of 6315 Sw 8 St, Miami, FL 33144
Estimated Value: 6315 Sw 8 St

Market Data

In 2014 class A multi-family - 10 units or more properties in Miami sold for $173.37 to 813.69 per sq ft with a median price per sq ft of $264.81. Class B properties sold for $78.83 to 173.36 per sq ft with a median of $117.56 and class C properties sold for $18.10 to 78.82 per sq ft with a median of $72.41.

Market Valuation

6315 Sw 8 St appears to be a B Class property. Suggested value: $4,757,183

Value7,015,186 4,757,183 3,189,935

Income Valuation - Residential/Gross Lease

Visulate estimates the income value of this property is $5,227,843. Details of how we produced this estimate value appear below:

The following table shows a income valuation estimate for 6315 Sw 8 St. Download a spreadsheet or click on the Estimate Cashflow link to change its estimates and assumptions. Alternatively, click on the Save button to upload a copy of the spreadsheet to Google Drive.

Monthly Rent50,077
Annual Rent per Sq Ft14.85
Gross Annual Rent600,920
Vacancies and Bad Debt15%
Vacancies and Bad Debt Amount90,138
HOA, Utilities and CAM0
Property Taxes64,108
Management Fees20,431
Cap Rate7
Estimated Value5,227,843
Edit Values and Estimate Cashflow Estimate Cashflow
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Local Household Income

The median household income in this part of Florida is $44,926. The bottom 10% of the population earn less than $12,918 per year. The top 10% earn more than $184,479 per year. The top 1% earn more than $594,594 per year. Most renters earn between $25,140 (20th percentile) and $49,848 (80th percentile) per year. Someone earning the median household income in this area is likely to qualify for a mortgage between $89,852 and $112,315.

Source: US Census American Community Survey - 2008-2012 ACS 5-year PUMS estimates

Local Rents

The median monthly rent in this part of Florida is $994. Most renters earn between $2,095 and $4,154 per month. They typically spend 38% of their monthly income on rent. Most rents fall in the $666 (20th percentile) to $1,568 (80th percentile) range. The residential vacancy rate is 5%.


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Owner Details

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Sales History

DateSold BySold ToDeed TypePrice
05/01/2014 Not Recorded Buyer: 9862874 Unknown 100.00
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