For Sale - 1881 79 St Cswy 1903, $370,000

Offered for Sale at $370,000

One of the lowest price in the building. Great bay views from every room. Very spacious and well kept by the tenants.

Sq Ft1195
Full Bathrooms2
Half Bathrooms
Maintenance Charge/Month0
Maintenance IncludesBuilding Exterior,Cable Tv,Common Area,Insurance,Outside Maintenance,Parking,Security,Trash Removal,Water
Carport Spaces
Garage Spaces1
Pets AllowedYes
Pet RestrictionsRestrictions Or Possible Restrictions
High School
Middle School
Elementary School
MLS NumberA10181569
Verified09/26/2017 01:31am

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  • Property ID: 13763055

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1881 79 St Cswy 1903 is a 1,195 sq ft Condominium in North Bay Village. It was built in 2006. In 2014 similar properties sold for between $190,759 and $387,813. We estimate the income value of 1881 79 St Cswy 1903 at $16,757. The assumptions we used to calculate this value are include in the spreadsheet linked below. North Bay Village is in Miami Dade County, Florida.

1881 79 St Cswy 1903 Property Summary

1881 79 St Cswy 1903
North Bay Village
FL 33141

Property Size:1,195 sq ft
Year Built:2006
Property Class:B3
Lat, Long: 26.844, -80.105
Estimated Value: 1881 79 St Cswy 1903

Market Data

In 2014 class A condominium properties in North Bay Village sold for $449.75 to 998.62 per sq ft with a median price per sq ft of $579.58. Class B properties sold for $221.22 to 449.74 per sq ft with a median of $316.89 and class C properties sold for $10.17 to 221.21 per sq ft with a median of $185.98.

Market Valuation

1881 79 St Cswy 1903 appears to be a B Class property. Suggested value: $273,255

Value387,813 273,255 190,759

Income Valuation - Residential/Gross Lease

Visulate estimates the income value of this property is $16,757. Details of how we produced this estimate value appear below:

The income value of a property identifies its value as a rental property, Value = Rent - Expenses / Cap Rate. The following table shows four different rent estimates for 1881 79 St Cswy 1903:

  • The Household Income estimate assumes the tenant has a total household income of $46,403 and spends 35% of this on rent. The household income estimate is derived from census data and tax records.
  • The Household Income - Renters estimate performs a similar calculation based on the household income of renters rather than all households.
  • The Market Rents estimate evaluates this property in comparison to rental properties in the area.
  • The Price/Ft estimate uses the size of the property to estimate its rent.

Click on a rent value to download a spreadsheet that estimates the NOI (net operating income), cash on cash return, income value and IRR (internal rate of return) for this property.

Valuation ModelMonthly Rent
Household Income - All Households $1,353
Household Income - Renters $929
Market Rents $858
Price/Ft $1,000

Expense Estimates:

  • Census data records show 7% of the rental properties in this area are vacant. We've added a 5% bad dept allowance to this.
  • Maintenance costs are estimated based on the size of the property.
  • The property tax estimate uses the average millage rate for the county. It does not include adjustments for city or unincorporated areas. Actual taxes may vary.
  • Insurance estimates are based on the size and location of the property. They are not adjusted for age, flood zone or other risk factors
  • We don't have a way to estimate HOA fees. These should be added manually

The following table shows a income valuation estimate for 1881 79 St Cswy 1903. Download a spreadsheet or click on the Estimate Cashflow link to change its estimates and assumptions. Alternatively, click on the Save button to upload a copy of the spreadsheet to Google Drive.

Monthly Rent858
Annual Rent per Sq Ft9.00
Gross Annual Rent10,290
Vacancies and Bad Debt12%
Vacancies and Bad Debt Amount1,235
HOA, Utilities and CAM0
Property Taxes5,054
Management Fees1,029
Cap Rate7
Estimated Value16,757
Edit Values and Estimate Cashflow Estimate Cashflow
Save to Google Drive (Google login required)

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Local Household Income

The median household income in this part of Florida is $51,244. The bottom 10% of the population earn less than $14,115 per year. The top 10% earn more than $176,321 per year. The top 1% earn more than $695,784 per year. Most renters earn between $28,044 (20th percentile) and $55,728 (80th percentile) per year. Someone earning the median household income in this area is likely to qualify for a mortgage between $102,488 and $128,110.

The tax assessed value of this property places it in percentile 46 of all properties in this area. This suggests it would appeal to someone earning around $46,403 per year who should qualify for a mortgage between $92,806 and $116,008.

Source: US Census American Community Survey - 2008-2012 ACS 5-year PUMS estimates

Local Rents

The median monthly rent in this part of Florida is $1,035. Most renters earn between $2,337 and $4,644 per month. They typically spend 35% of their monthly income on rent. Most rents fall in the $717 (20th percentile) to $1,527 (80th percentile) range. The residential vacancy rate is 7%.

This property falls in percentile 46 of all properties in this area. This corresponds to a rent of $990 per month and a monthly household income of $3,034 ($36,408 per year)


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Owner Details

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