Dental Associates Of South Florida, P.A.

Dental Associates Of South Florida, P.A. is a Florida for profit corporation based in Coral Gables. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Mar 9, 1995.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeDOMP
Filing DateMar 9, 1995
FEI Number593299733
Principal Address
30 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables

Dental Associates Of South Florida, P.A. Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Dental Associates Of South Florida, P.A.. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Dental Associates Of South Florida, P.A. and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Oppenheimer Jahn Hdr. Registered Agent Jahn Oppenheimer
30 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Dental Associates Of South Florida, P.A. is located at 30 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.

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