Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc

Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc is a Florida for profit corporation based in Miami. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Oct 16, 2017.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeDOMP
Filing DateOct 16, 2017
FEI Number
Principal Address
222 Ne 25th St
FL 33137

Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Rodrigues De Campos Marcus V Registered Agent De Rodrigues
111 East Flager Street Apt 809
FL 33131
(Miami-Dade County)

De Rodrigues
222 Ne 25th St
FL 33137
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc is located at 222 Ne 25th St in Miami.

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