Sesam Services Corp

Sesam Services Corp is a Florida for profit corporation based in Miami. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Jul 31, 2017.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeDOMP
Filing DateJul 31, 2017
FEI Number
Principal Address
7270 Nw 12th St Ph 8

Sesam Services Corp Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Sesam Services Corp. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Sesam Services Corp and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Molinares Carlos Registered Agent Carlos Molinares
7270 Nw 12th St
FL 33126
(Miami-Dade County)

Carlos Molinares
7270 Nw 12th St Ph 8
FL 33126
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Sesam Services Corp is located at 7270 Nw 12th St in Miami.

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(7320 Nw 12th St) Maya Interiors, Inc. (7320 Nw 12th Street #101) Europipe De Venezuela Ca LLC (7320 Nw 12 St Suite 106) Asesoria Financiera Multiple Afirmosa S.R.L Inc (7320 Nw 12th St Suite 113) Blue Lagoon Holdings, LLC (7320 Nw 12th St) Grilo'S International LLC (7320 Nw 12th St) V-South Supplies, LLC (7320 Nw 12th St) Rainforest Goods, LLC (7320 Nw 12th St) Wonderland Supplies, Corp (7320 Nw 12th St) Four Investments, LLC (7311 Nw 12 St) All Digital Printing Corp (7311 Nw 12 St) Wicomm Corp. (7311 Nw 12 St) Rybb Services Inc (7311 Nw 12 St) Lorenzo Appliance Repair Corp (7311 Nw 12 St) Florida Cable Network, Inc. (7311 Nw 12 St) Total Accounting And Taxes, L.L.C. (7311 Nw 12th St) Er Logistics Consultant LLC (7311 Nw 12th St) Gremac Investments, Corp. 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(7270 Nw 12th Street Ph-9) Illumina Breeding LLC (7270 Nw 12 Street) Fenix 5h Multiservices Inc (7270 Nw 12st St) Multi Trading Group LLC (7270 Nw 12 Street) Lemar Investment Group Corp (7270 Nw 12 Street) The Flyboyz LLC (7270 Nw 12 Street) Drexel Capital Insurance, Inc. (7270 Nw 12 Street) Hanalei Trading & Services LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) World Logistics (Art), LLC (7270 Nw 12th St Ph-9) My Melany Flowers Corp (7267 Nw 12 St) Flowers & Beyond Corp (7267 Nw 12 St) Vagosa LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Vanval Investment LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Law Offices Of Jesus Uriarte, P.A. (7270 Nw 12 St) Advantage Florida Title Services, Inc. (7270 Nw 12 St) Ludunt Investments, Inc. (7270 Nw 12 St) Itnetworx Corp. (7270 Nw 12 St) Luba Group LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Estma Investment LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Dynamic Paradigm Media LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Qh Distributions LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Royal Port LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Portofino Marketplace LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Ottomo LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Fukua LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) H2o Team LLC (7270 Nw 12 St) Oifp Corporation (7270 Nw 12 St) Maleiwa Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) M.C Investment Associates Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) Webasap Usa Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) R&R Global Supply Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) General Industrial Supply Group Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) Tools Solution Group Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) Inversiones Russo 3000 Corp (7270 Nw 12 St) Rent A Cars Executive Co (7320 Nw 12th St #109) Creative Manufacturing Group, LLC (7184 Nw 12 Street) P&M Supply Group Corp (7220 Nw 12th St) Lcc Medical Research Institute, LLC (1150 Nw 72 Ave Ste 620) Soccer Academy Of The Americas-Player Factory, Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Freetime Miami, LLC (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Nuclean Services LLC (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Latam Technology Services LLC (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Quality Sellers LLC (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Ultra Care & Diagnostic, Corp (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Nemesis Medical Group Inc (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Pacin Levine, P.A. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Health Resources Management, Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Wirth Realty, Inc. (1150 Nw 72 Avenue) Premium Professional Group LLC (1150 Nw 72 Avenue) Premium Protection Services LLC (1150 Nw 72 Avenue) Marketing & Reservations (Usa) Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Health In Aging, Inc. (1150 Nw 72 Avenue) Butsu, LLC (1150 Nw 72 Ave Ste 760) Shomon, LLC (1150 Nw 72 Ave Ste 760) Arty, Cohn & Feuer, L.C. (1150 Nw 72 Ave Ste 760) Canca Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Twins Tech Corp. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Abas Investments Usa Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) Caribbean Business Promotions Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave) M And G Supermarket Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave Suite 555) Nilux Corporation (1150 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 555) Farview Accounting, Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 555) S F Design Us Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 555) Valesta Enterprises, Inc. (1150 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 555) The Lionhouse Investments LLC (1150 Nw 72 Avenue) Industrias Militares Corp (7330 N W 12th St) Bp International Supply, Corp (7320 Nw 12th Street #109) 217 Calabria LLC (7320 Nw 12 St) Doral Flex Investments, LLC (7311 Nw 12 Street) Aviation Airways Service Corp (7311 Nw 12 Street) Siblings Buildings, LLC (7289 Nw 12 Street) Multiflora International LLC (7270 Nw 12th St) Juan G. Diaz P.A. (7270 Nw 12th St) Finlay Medical Billing Corp. (7270 Nw 12th St) Mr Wine L.L.C (7270 Nw 12th St) Paramount Florida Security, Inc. (7270 Nw 12 Street) Drexel Funding, Inc (7270 Nw 12 Street) Atlas Security Group, Inc (7270 Nw 12 Street) Powell Group Services, Inc. (7270 Nw 12 Street) Estate Administration Consultants, LLC (7270 Nw 12th St) Living Well Medical Services Inc (1150 Nw 72 Ave) Fernado Rivabem Medical Rehabilitation Center Inc (1150 Nw 72 Ave) S & A Medical Center Inc (1150 Nw 72 Ave) Roma Holdings Group, Inc. (1150 N W 72nd Ave) Ashoka Premium Foods LLC (7172 Nw 12th St) Ace Flooring Distributors Corp (7166 Nw 12 St) Inversiones Caserta LLC (7320 Nw 12th St) Flatseal Group, Inc. (7311 Nw 12nd St) Bluemerrick 842 LLC (7287 Nw 12th St) Bluemerrick 800 LLC (7287 Nw 12th St) Bluemerrick 7287 LLC (7287 Nw 12th St) Bluemerrick 1404 LLC (7287 Nw 12th St) Megavision & Security, Inc. (7287 Nw 12th St) Akoya Management, LLC (7270 Nw 12th St) Lm & Partners Usa, Inc. (7270 Nw 12th St) Angel Valverde, Pa (7270 Nw 12th St) Inversiones V.V 0814 LLC (7270 Nw 12 St)
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