Current Solutions International Co.

Current Solutions International Co. is a Florida for profit corporation based in Miami Beach. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Apr 9, 2008.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeDOMP
Filing DateApr 9, 2008
FEI Number262402629
Principal Address
6538 Collins Ave
Miami Beach

Current Solutions International Co. Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Current Solutions International Co.. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Current Solutions International Co. and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Mac Donald Melissa Officer (PM) Donald Mac
6538 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
(Miami-Dade County)

Donald Mac
6538 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
(Miami-Dade County)

J T Business Solutions Inc Registered Agent Solutions J
1840 Sw 22nd St
FL 33145
(Miami-Dade County)

Solutions J
225 Se 15th Ter
Deerfield Beach
(Broward County)

Solutions J
225 Se15 Terrace
Deerfield Beach
FL 33441
(Broward County)

Solutions J
539 Nw 47th Ave
Coconut Creek
(Broward County)

The following companies have a director or officer called Solutions J
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595 Performance Parts, Inc - Registered Agent
All Broward Home Maintenance Services, LLC - Registered Agent
Backyard Motor Sports LLC - Registered Agent
Blue Wave Travels LLC - Registered Agent
Bny Enterprises LLC - Registered Agent
C.Gill Enterprises, LLC - Registered Agent
Complete Water Restoration LLC - Registered Agent
Dekad Transportation LLC - Registered Agent
Ephraim, LLC - Registered Agent
Ether Grimace Cult LLC - Registered Agent
H-Slater Holdings LLC - Registered Agent
Hansen'S Custom Coating LLC - Registered Agent
Harris Caribbean, Inc. - Registered Agent
Indiya Holdings LLC - Registered Agent
Jba Physical Therapy LLC - Registered Agent
Jet Apex Ventures, Inc. - Registered Agent
John Walsh Painting LLC - Registered Agent
Luiz Oliveira Paint And Cleaning LLC - Registered Agent
Marilyn Gifford LLC - Registered Agent
Melrose Signature Care Inc - Registered Agent
Michaelangelo'S Painting & Pressure Cleaning LLC - Registered Agent
Mikdel Trading Inc - Registered Agent
Miramar Personal Training LLC - Registered Agent
Pancione Enterprises, Inc. - Registered Agent
Poz Solutions, Inc. - Registered Agent
Rbc Painting LLC - Registered Agent
Southern Heat Catering LLC - Registered Agent
Spilotras Insurance Services,Inc. - Registered Agent
Streeter Enterprises LLC - Registered Agent
Trinity Rental, Inc. - Registered Agent
United Prestige LLC - Registered Agent
Vvip Flight & Services, Inc. - Registered Agent
Zach'S Trading Inc - Registered Agent

Principal Location

Current Solutions International Co. is located at 6538 Collins Ave in Miami Beach.

Companies Located Nearby

Hardturm LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Maxtor Alliance LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Angelina Zalaquett Pa (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Fast Loans, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Miami Night Life LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Le Tigre Studio LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Ribevah Investments, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Renegades Production LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Peloro Ph708 LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Platinum Frontier America Developers And Constructions Group, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Ribevah Park, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Urbanamerica Fl, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Marathon Spirit LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Amanda Turco, Pa (6610 Indian Creek Dr) T & R Usa, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr #706) Plenitud Investments, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Admm Mortgage LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Beach Pet Care, L.L.C. (6538 Collins Ave Ste 85) Cocoline, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Got Attitude, Inc. (6538 Collins Avenue #402) 1160 99st LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Electrica International, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Miami Fortune, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Victrix Consulting, LLC (6515 Collins Avenue #1801) Maxma, LLC (6515 Collins Ave #1910) Black Condor, LLC (6515 Collins Avenue Suite 1202) Smith Ohana Miami LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Sls2808, LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Todywala Realty Group LLC (6515 Collins Ave) N.A. Collins 6515 LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Bel-Aire 609 LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Trade International Enterprises, Inc. (6515 Collins Ave) Vista Bricks, LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Rangitoto Systems LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Lamarr LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Heights 1601 LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Ocean Deluxe L.L.C. (6515 Collins Ave) Bel-Aire On The Ocean Condominium Association, Inc. (6515 Collins Ave) Proindusca Usa Inc. (6515 Collins Ave) The Bridge Bros, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Florida Auto Expo, LLC (6538 Collins Ave Suite 271) Wwp Properties LLC (6538 Collins Ave Suite 501) Harbor 3c, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) 457 LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Ram Property Solutions, LLC (6538 Collins Ave #360) 7904 West Dr 608 LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Professional Builders Of Miami Inc (6538 Collins Ave) La Pedrera Florida LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Evalie Farms LLC (6538 Collins Ave) World Trade Auto Parts Usa, Inc (6538 Collins Ave Suite 50) 170r LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Karal Fashion Inc (6538 Collins Avenue Unit 352) Viktorinex, LLC (6538 Collins Ave #242) A Morhead Production, Corporation (6538 Collins Ave #421) Corporate Creative Film, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave #421) Restore Solutions, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #41) Birkville Properties LLC (6538 Collins Ave Ste 458) Vision 1 Group LLC (6538 Collins Ave #655) Newtron Interface Productions, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Full Extensions LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Lm Real Estate LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Nightlife Supplier Enterprises, Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Giant Merchandaising LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Sami Investment LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Wonderdog Holdings, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Lucky Shepherd, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Health, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Equities, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Capsol Csl, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Equities Csl, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Csl Physical Therapy, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Equities Pooler, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Tbd Ventures, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Prophet Labs, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Equities Mp, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Equities St Johns, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Equities Wildcat, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Aquaroll Holdings, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Eco, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Blue Shepherd, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) South Carolina Senior Living, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) The Mavros Fund, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Hippies In Suits LLC (6538 Collins Ave Suite #3041) Kalusthenik Apparel LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Jth Properties, LLC (6538 Collins Ave #191) Elevare Realty LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Eminence Ventures Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Imperium Venture Group Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Pixelgroove Incorporated (6538 Collins Ave) Elevare Construction Management LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Elevare Development Group LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Nextgen Associates, LLC (6538 Collins Ave # 425) Alkimia Holistic Center LLC (6538 Collins Ave # 425) Rcon Consulting, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Warehouse 36 LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Voshon International Usa, Inc (6538 Collins Avenue Ste50) General Acquisitions & Investments L.L.C. (6538 Collins Avenue #99) Shepherd Senior Living, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue Unit 313) Rustic Luxe LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Masa Trucking Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Rty Int LLC (6538 Collins Ave #173) Rtz Int LLC (6538 Collins Ave #173) Health In Flow LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Shepherd Csl, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #313) Shepherd Living At The Greens, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #313) St Johns Senior Properties, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #313) Zackon Holdings Inc (6538 Collins Ave) 110 Ne 56 St LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Vdr Usa LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Bae Management Fee LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Pawerfull Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Phantom Valet Parking, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave #312) Sunrise Of Miami Cleaning Services Corp (6538 Collins Ave Ste 174) Jwll Inc (6538 Collins Avenue #651) The Greens Physical Therapy, LLC (6538 Collins Ave #313) Universidad De La Familia Ahora Si LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Menedis Holdings, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Belmont Porten Investments LLC (6538 Collins Ave Ste #458) Belmont Porten Properties LLC (6538 Collins Ave Ste #458) Deusa Enterprises, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #255) Pichara Royale LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Pioneer Group Of Florida LLC (6538 Collins Ave #427) Birkville Investments LLC (6538 Collins Avenue Ste 458) Blushing Beauty LLC (6536 Collins Ave) King Coffee LLC (6536 Collins Ave) All American Smokers Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Vz Enterprises Group LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Holistic Essence Corp (6538 Collins Ave #176) Ocre International LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Beysal Americas LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Whidbey Investments LLC (6538 Collins Av 286) Marfederal Corporation, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Hard Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Balzan Ventures & Investments LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Silvermont, LLC. (6538 Collins Avenue #261) T-Force Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Citiux Corporation (6538 Collins Ave) Apu Enterprises, LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Lore Trade LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Carisma Society LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Fixed Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Software For Office LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Alpine Energy LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Ordinary Ventures LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Nawrri Invest LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Emporia Systems LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Alpha Trend LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Do Invest LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Batteries Incloud LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Moon Attraction LLC (6538 Collins Av #286) Develop & Invest LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Primus Capital Management LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Digimedia Productions LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Adam'S Air Ambulance, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Cin Technical LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Clear Proceeding LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Meidel LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Advanced Transport Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Central Europe Residential Investment Opportunities LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Darena LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Sloveast LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Jacobson Technologies LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Envision This! LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Isolmian Investments, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Rent Rest LLC (6538 Collins Ave) R T S Int. LLC (6538 Collins Ave) R T T Int LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Everblu, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Quick Social, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Rtu Int LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Rengaf,LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Ladson Luxury Lifestyle, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) A+C Group LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Rtv Int LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Rtw Int LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Agusofra,LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Anuel Capital Management, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Flax Magazine, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Premier Real Estate Consultant LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Omnis De Cura, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) High Ground Worldwide LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Insight Health Options, L.L.C. (6538 Collins Ave) J D Engineering LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Uber Buildings, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Power Property Partners, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Royal Gutters LLC (6538 Collins Ave) R.D.V. Services LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Paul S Thatcher, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Able Home Health Care LLC (6538 Collins Ave) H & M Sfr, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Positivemed LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Garcia-Godoy, D.O., LLC (6538 Collins Ave) City Debate Publishing Company, Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Textile Trade Usa Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Fcf 1818, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) G B S Air Enterprises, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Neurosagacity Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Aicel Carbonero D.D.S., P.A. (6538 Collins Ave) International Field Operations Resource Management, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Rmualin Co. (6538 Collins Ave) Wellness Innovations Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) M&F Modular ,Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Law Offices Of Holly A. Aliprandi, P.A. (6538 Collins Ave) Apogee Computer Systems, Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Akgun Construction Corp (6538 Collins Ave) Minorca Mills Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Micki Dahne Corp (6538 Collins Ave) Fast Track Brokers Inc (6538 Collins Ave) The Portnoy Group, Incorporated (6538 Collins Ave) Whealth Watchers International, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) O'Higgins Asset Management, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Space Equities Inc. (6538 Collins Ave Ste 212) Wesf Assets Foundation LLC (6538 Collins Ave 286) Aritex Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Ave 286) Silverlight Entertainment Inc. (6538 Collins Avenue #104) Biomedical Research And Education Foundation, LLC (6538 Collins Ave #446) Usreli, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Business Mentor Coaching, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Jma Home Solutions Corp (6538 Collins Ave) Dogtails, LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #416) Sobe Business Solutions, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Global Scandinavia LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Investors 1 Realty, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Feminidad Holistica Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Franklin Escrow LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Freedom Mentor, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) M-Strategies & Management Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Cultureranch LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Acta Group LLC (6538 Collins Ave) National Painting And Waterproofing, Inc. (6538 Collins Avenue Suite 501) V.I.C. Productions LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Pax Investments Usa LLC (6538 Collins Ave) 290 Harbor Drive Corporation (6538 Collins Ave) C.A.W. International, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Quality Air Of America Inc (6538 Collins Ave) The Babysitting Company LLC (6538 Collins Ave Ste 380) 3c Commercial Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Gab Trading LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Dalaster Invest LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Soft Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Adrastea Trading LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Tc Material Handling LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Openco Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Ftr Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Azul Dorado LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Autologic Worldwide LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Sheridan International LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Juanico LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Personama LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Knowledge Asset LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Acomo LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Ce Invest LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Saile Holding LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) European Health Care And Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Hawthorn It Systems LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Star Racing Agency LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) International Marketing Sales Consultancy LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Asbjorn LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Silverlake Holdings LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Hr Global Services LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) International Strat Services LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Dcare LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Nands LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Dimargo LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Gemunder LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Phoenix Advanced Polymers LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Inedi LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Star Code LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Thakid Aks Consortium International LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Smilex LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Hardwick Invest LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Alford Invest LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) P.E.E.R Next Solutions LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Entire Fasteners LLC (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Spring And Winter Home Corporation (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Aveco Inc. (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Beveler Usa Inc. (6538 Collins Avenue #286) Duc Omni LLC (6538 Collins Ave #414) Stuntwear LLC (6538 Collins Ave #414) Ducomni Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Ave #414) Phyllis D. Hugunien P.A. (6538 Collins Ave) David Alschuler, P.A. (6538 Collins Avenue #166) Gaon Properties Group, Inc (6551 Collins Ave) Aa Best Cleaning And Services, Inc (6551 Collins Ave) Mare Azur Grand Bay Inc. (6551 Collins Ave) Moderno Residences By Bay Breeze Inc (6551 Collins Ave) Mare Azur Miami Beach Luxury Apartments, Inc. (6551 Collins Ave Ste 802) Egor Tatarenko P.A. (6551 Collins Ave) Ccs Fl Warehouse LLC (6551 Collins Ave) Riteline Properties LLC (6551 Collins Ave) Miami Ambassadors LLC (6551 Collins Ave) Latam Properties Inc (6551 Collins Ave) Virazon Sur Inc (6551 Collins Ave) Acqua Bay Luxury Apartments, Inc. (6551 Collins Ave) Broadwater Beach Arms, Iii, Inc. (6498 Collins Ave) Epidauro, LLC (6498 Collins Ave Ste 47) American Dream Bayshore Yacht Club 614 LLC (6498 Collins Ave) Cleopatra'S Secrets, Inc. (6515 Collins Ave) Sunny Isles Associates, LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Lipiana, Inc (6515 Collins Ave) Freddy Car & Parts Inc (6494 Collins Ave Suite 26) Blue Mile Realty Group, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave #106) Evacationclub, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Bayshore Oaks Holdings, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Nevada Developments, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Mimosa Property Management, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Exclusive Cruises Scorpio, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Exclusive Cruises, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Mb 7700 LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Mb On The Canal, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) Lema Consulting LLC (6525 Collins Ave) The Mimosa, LLC (6525 Collins Ave) The Mimosa Residences Condominium Association (6525 Collins Ave) American Hypnosis School LLC (6538 Collins Ave) J Town Service, LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Conscious Real Estate LLC (6515 Collins Ave) El Animal LLC (6515 Collins Ave) Crossmedia Marketing Group, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave #226) North Beach Retail Plaza, LLC (6550 Collins Ave) Bellissimo Designs, Inc. (6538 Collins Avenue #444) Dancing Bear Productions, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Gary Limousine, Adventure Tours & Luxury Services Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Taharah Dry Cleaners LLC (6540 Collins Ave) Great Investments For Mother Inc. (6538 Collins Ave #104) Silverlight Investments Corp (6538 Collins Ave #104) Cantazo Media Group LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Osita Corp. (6538 Collins Ave) Air Ambulance America, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Air Ambulance Central, Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Johanako LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) World Trade Industry LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Florida Czech Invest LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Rubber Trade LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Solar Invest LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Sifex Trade LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Research Experts LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Global Law Services LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Arossa LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Cespsan LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Net Integration LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Benewell LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Bts Systems Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Darwell Finance LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Hab Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Pps Enterprise Holding LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Norwich Enterprises LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Farley Management Estates LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Dillon Management Estates LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Sorin Management Estates LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Stanford Management Estates LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Fardel Advisors LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Troopon International LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Universalis Net Consulting LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Mountain View Village LLC (6538 Collins Ave #286) Sauce Creole Yeyetto LLC (6450 Collins Ave) Ocean Park Condominium Association, Inc. (6450 Collins Ave) Gt Development, LLC (6450 Collins Ave) Advanced Therapy Usa Cbd, LLC (6450 Collins Ave) Cesar A. Ruiz, P.A. (6450 Collins Ave) Trust Business Consultant Inc. (6450 Collins Ave) Mario Cuervo Enterprises Int'L, Inc. (6450 Collins Ave) Capital Amplification Technologies, Inc. (6450 Collins Ave) A Plus E Services, LLC (6490 Collins Ave) Broadwater Beach Arms I, Inc. (6490 Collins Ave) Daca Distribuidora Accesorios Cristal & Aluminio LLC (6490 Collins Ave) 508 Village Place, LLC. (6450 Collins Ave) All Lines Consulting Group, LLC (6538 Collins Ave #454) Radio Press Properties, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Baltic Birch LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Margil Investments Ltd (6610 Indian Creek Dr) Master Dynamics, LLC (6610 Indian Creek Dr #108) M.Onotono.Us. Inc. (6545 Indian Creek Drive Apt #304) The Clinton Association, Inc. (6545 Indian Creek Dr) Losa Inc (6545 Indian Creek Dr) Goritza Draskovich, Pa (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Imogen Corp (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Black Demon LLC (6580 Indian Crk) Polymer Warehouse LLC (6580 Indian Creek Drive Apt 202) Genesis Americas Group LLC (6580 Indian Creek Drive Apt 202) Secured Real Estate LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Small Potato Ventures LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Rekordmeister LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Reginald Dunlap Interior Design, LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Process Valves Direct LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Modern Building Group LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Tdi Contracting, LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) King Grooming L.L.C. (6580 Indian Creek Dr) N &P Gourmet LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Regatta At Indian Creek Condominium Association. Inc. (6580 Indian Creek Dr) A Winning Strategy LLC (6580 Indian Creek Dr) Ims Co. Of New York , Inc (6546 Collins Ave) I Love Miami LLC (6550 Collins Ave) Orlando Hotel LLC (6600 Collins Ave) Blue Sky Usa, Corp. (6604 Collins Ave) Innovated Culinary Group, LLC (6606 Collins Ave) Renee De Paris Inc (6608 Collins Ave) Brazil Plus LLC (6620 Collins Ave) Halo Of Miami LLC (6618 Collins Ave) Rist Properties, LLC (6600 Collins Ave) Hotel Collins, LLC (6600 Collins Ave) University Center Hotel, LLC (6600 Collins Ave) Hair By Dania &Liz Inc. (6632 Collins Ave) Aguilera Barbershop LLC (6634 Collins Ave) Finest Vacation Inc (6638 Collins Ave) Juny Inc (6644 Collins Ave) Venezia Pizza & Cafe, Inc. (6646 Collins Ave) Nobe67 LLC (6625 Indian Creek Dr) Antillon LLC (6620 Indian Creek Dr Apt 617) Pel719 LLC (6620 Indian Creek Dr) Markus Mueller Productions, Inc. (6620 Indian Creek Dr) Peloro 418 LLC (6620 Indian Crk) Multiply Investments LLC (6620 Indian Creek Drive Unit 211) International Vacation Victoria, LLC (6620 Indian Creek Drive Unit 602) 412 Peloro, Inc. (6620 Indian Creek Dr) Creek Way LLC (6538 Collin Ave #286) N.O.R.A.D. Inc. (6538 Collins Ave Ste #116) Media Of Moments Inc (6538 Collins Ave) Global Investment Fund I, LLC (6538 Collins Ave) Everest Markething Inc. (6538 Collins Ave) Trigal, Corp. (6538 Collins Ave) Shambhala International (Vajradhatu) Corporation (6538 Collins Ave) Cadillac Hotel, Ltd. (6565 Collins Ave) S.F.R., Ltd. (6565 Collins Ave) Sussco, Inc. (6565 Collins Ave) Embassy Townhomes, L.L.C. (6565 Collins Ave) Harrison Halstead, LLC (6565 Collins Ave) S.F. Land, LLC (6565 Collins Ave) B. Tremont-B, LLC (6565 Collins Ave) Beach Beauty, Inc. (6565 Collins Ave) Sherry Frontenac Resort, Inc. (6565 Collins Ave) Real Estate Funding Company (6565 Collins Ave) Chgp Corp. (6565 Collins Ave) Alston Bair Enterprises, Inc. (6565 Collins Ave) Healthy Food & Juice LLC (6610 Collins Ave) Alcimede LLC (6538 Collins Ave)
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