Rent With Regal LLC

Rent With Regal LLC is a Florida limited liability company based in Tallahassee. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Jun 23, 2017.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeFLAL
Filing DateJun 23, 2017
FEI Number
Principal Address
1530 Metropolitan Blvd #209
FL 32308

Rent With Regal LLC Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Rent With Regal LLC. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Rent With Regal LLC and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Palmer-Kelly Rennai A Officer (MGR) Rennai Palmer
2419 Nugget Ln
FL 32303
(Leon County)

Rennai Palmer
Po Box 20813
FL 32316
(Leon County)

Knowles Clayton F Registered Agent Clayton Knowles
3065 Highland Oaks Ter
(Leon County)

Clayton Knowles
109 E College Ave
(Leon County)

Clayton Knowles
3065 Highland Oaks Terrace #2
FL 32301
(Leon County)

The following companies have a director or officer called Clayton Knowles
Arya P Investments, LLC - Registered Agent
Claytonknowlesq, LLC - Registered Agent
Kelvan Investment Group, LLC - Registered Agent
Rest Assured L.L.C. - Registered Agent
Rhettro Development, LLC - Registered Agent
Southern Style Group, Inc. - Registered Agent
Taco Republik Tallahassee Midtown LLC - Registered Agent

Principal Location

Rent With Regal LLC is located at 1530 Metropolitan Blvd #209 in Tallahassee.

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(1301 Metropolitan Blvd) Lexington Oaks Office Complex Association, Inc. (1546 Metropolitan Blvd) Real Estate Services Of Tallahassee, Inc. (1400 Metropolitan Blvd #215) Air Lock Solutions LLC (1530 Metropolitan Blvd) 1400 Metro, L.L.C. (1400 Metropolitan Blvd) Split Pine Technologies, L.L.C. (1400 Metropolitan Blvd) Instantlynk, LLC (1400 Metropolitan Blvd) Metropolitan Centre Office Condominium Association, Inc. (1608 Metropolitan Cir) Lohrengel & Associates, Inc. (1621 Metropolitan Blvd) Florida Society Of Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Inc. (1621 Metropolitan Blvd) Rest Assured L.L.C. (1530 Metropolitan Blvd #209) Capregion Realty Services, LLC (1530 Metropolitan Blvd) Ann P. Funk, Ph.D., LLC (1530 Metropolitan Blvd #206) Johnson & Oole, LLC (1546 Metropolitan Blvd) Makarios Sakal, LLC (1589 Metropolitan Blvd) Finley Property Group, LLC (1589 Metropolitan Blvd) Finley Bros. Cattle Company, LLC (1589 Metropolitan Blvd) Finley Engineering Group, Inc. 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