Star Jewelry LLC

Star Jewelry LLC is a Florida limited liability company based in Miami. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Jan 17, 2017.

Google Street View for Star Jewelry LLC's Principal Location
Principal Address: 139 Ne 1 Street, Miami

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeFLAL
Filing DateJan 17, 2017
FEI Number
Principal Address
139 Ne 1 Street Suite 327
FL 33132

Star Jewelry LLC Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Star Jewelry LLC. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Star Jewelry LLC and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Diaz Mendez Yoel Registered Agent Mendez Diaz
139 Ne 1 Street
(Miami-Dade County)

Mendez Diaz
139 Ne 1st Suite 327
FL 33132
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Star Jewelry LLC is located at 139 Ne 1 Street in Miami.

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(169 E Flagler St Ste 1241) Trade Depot LLC (169 E Flagler St) Bgb Ventures, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Matanzas Group, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Unimpeded Life Organization Inc (169 E Flagler St Suite 1414) Lagre Group, LLC (169 East Flagler Street Ste 1428) Brodsky Fotiu-Wojtowicz, Pllc (169 East Flagler St) Benjamin H. Brodsky, P.A. (169 East Flagler St) Harold Caicedo, P.A. (169 E Flagler St #1241) The Jazlaz Adventure Group, LLC (169 East Flager St) Caravaca 116, LLC. (169 E Flagler St) City Media Advertising LLC (169 E Flagler St) Friends Of The Veterans' Court Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Liv Swiss International Corp. (169 East Flagler) Navea Collections Inc (169 East Flagler) Miami Luxury Time LLC (169 E Flagler St) Burma Jewelers, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) M 1 Luxury Corp (169 East Flagler St Ste 622) Vc Ocean 4 LLC (169 E Flagler St) Diforbi Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Nitre Investments Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Trelles Architects, Inc. (169 E Flagler St #1619) Oliver Weber Usa Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Cupremeco Na Corp (169 E Flagler Street Suite 716) Kubic Company, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Global Lounge Op Yvr LLC (169 Flagler Street Suite 1538) Abc Holidays Inc (169 East Flagler St) Joel S. Perwin, P.A. (169 E Flagler St) Perfection'S Jewelry Corp (169 E Flagler St) Exposingtime Inc (169 E Flagler St) Miami Quad Squad LLC (169 E Flagler St) Human Jewel Co. 360quad (199 E Flager St) The Real 95 LLC (199 E Flagler St) Coglitics, LLC (199 East Flagler Street #322) Public Expert Services LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Ste 1401) Goodclean, LLC (14 Northeast 1st Ave) One Flagler Condominium Association, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) 1208/14 Ne 1 Ave, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Ste 1208) Aca International LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Ste 402) Wynwood Asset Management, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Edison'S Thelos LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Inko Production LLC (111 East Flagler St) Moving Forward Tgthr Inc. (119 East Flagler St) Iglesia Cristiana Amor, Inc. 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(169 E Flagler Street Ste 911) S J Media, Inc. (169 East Flagler St Suite 1428-29) Rivera Law Firm, P.A. (169 E Flagler St) Chelsea Brickell LLC (199 East Flagler Street #353) Downtown Kensington LLC (199 East Flagler Street #353) Noble Cards, Inc. (199 E Flagler St #222) Mh Creative Group, LLC (199 E Flagler St) Airfence Usa LLC (199 E Flagler St) Stadium Apartments, Inc. (199 E Flagler Street #720) Loyalty Is Royalty, LLC (199 E Flagler St) Camiland Apartments LLC (199 E Falgler Street #720) Apartamentos Asturias Court, Inc. (199 E Falgler Street #720) C.H. Apartments LLC (199 E Falgler St) Cb Logistics LLC (199 E Flagler St) Cock Medical LLC (199 E Flagler St) Gold Bullion Exchange & Trust, Inc. (199 E Flagler Street #182) Gonext Family Business, LLC (199 E Flagler St) Creekside Properties, L.L.C. (169 East Flagler St) Muzo & Dover Jewelry International LLC (169 East Flagler Street Suite 1120) Md Watch & Jewelry, Inc (169 East Flagler St) C & C Gold Inc (169 E Flagler St) Dstv Realty LLC (169 East Flagler Street #1041) Prontomec Usa, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Alison Pages, P.A. (10 Flowering Cherry Dr) A & K Farms, Inc. (169 Flagler Street #938) Miami Beach Coins And Jewelry, Inc. (169 E Flagler Street Ste 911) The Hayes Firm, Pllc (199 E Flagler St #405) A Better Choice Snacks Inc (199 East Flagler St) 2301 Wynwood, LLC (199 E Flagler St Pmb 152) 194-196 Wynwood, LLC (199 E Flagler St Pmb 152) Think Twice Advisors, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Studio 625 Inc (169 E Flagler St) Three Continents Investments, LLC (169 E Flagler Street Ste 1538) Jacobs Keeley Pllc (169 E Flagler St) Pacific Aviation, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Global Lounge Op Mex, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Global Lounge Op Pty, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Global Lounge La Mia, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Medical Marijuana Law Group, LLC. 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(169 East Flagler St) Sanchez Properties Services, LLC (169 East Flagler Street Suite 800) Mirage Investments Corporation (169 East Flagler Street Suite 800) Law Offices Of Paul D. Petruzzi, P.A. (169 East Flagler St) Jade Beach 2801, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Jvr Investments Dupont, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Jvr Investments Metromall, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Jvr Investments Perc, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Dtimia, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Westcare Florida, Inc. (169 East Flagler Street Suite 1300) The Village South, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) The Village South Institute Of Human Resources, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) The Village Foundation, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Raja'S Indian Cuisine, Inc. (33 Ne 2nd Ave) White & White & Associates, P.A. (One Northeast Second Ave) Michael G. Murray, P.A. (One Ne 2nd Avenue Ste #200) Sabrina Chassagne, P.A. (One N E 2nd Ave) Frank Murray, P.A. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Paul Fraynd, P.A. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Sasha Bardelas Berdeguer, P.A. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Julian Rudolph Law, P.A. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. (One Ne 2nd Ave) Bald Cypress Investments, LLC (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Cloud Nine Legal Consulting Group, LLC (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Big League Supplements LLC (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Briflat Investments, LLC (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Fuentech Investigations, Inc. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) All Investigations, Incorporated (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Todd Law, P.A. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Law Offices Of Eric J. Mausner, P.A. (1 Ne 2nd Ave) Vimarju Corporation (169 East Flagler) Albert Hern LLC (169 E Flagler St Ste 635) John Verdellis, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Administrative Legal Support, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Mandel Nautical, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Michael R. Band, P.A. (169 East Flagler St) Mitchell Swerdlow, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Gulfstreams Jewels Corp. (169 E Flagler St) Hidden Treasures Jewelry Inc (169 E Flagler St) Metromall Partners, Ltd. (169 E Flagler St) Jorgar Corp. (169 E Flagler St) G-Tek Management, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Dupont Venue, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Lret-41st, LLC (169 E Flagler St) Jcl Ventures Corp. (169 E Flagler St) Doodad, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Metromall Partners, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Ciprox (Usa), Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Davimael Corporation (169 E Flagler St) Kaufmann Brothers, Inc (169 East Flagler Street Suite 903) Hal M. Lucas P.A. (169 East Flagler St) Bw Sand, Inc (169 East Flagler St) Hb Sand, Inc (169 East Flagler St) Guitars Over Guns Operation, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Cd Accounting & Tax Solutions, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Slate, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Sam'S Cargo LLC (199 E Flagler St) Nuclei Consulting, Inc. (199 E Flagler St) Blue Tourmaline Properties LLC (199 E Flagler St) Gemological School Of America, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) M. Feldman & Sons, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Philip Stein Holding, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Orologi, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Edgewater Associates Of Florida, Inc. (169 East Flagler Street #1123) Ferai LLC (169 E Flagler Street Ste 800) Gilon Holdings, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Platini Jewelry Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Turyap Miami Realty LLC (169 E Flagler St) Top Choice Luxury, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Borque Group Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Moreira Law Pllc (169 East Flagler St) Top Brands Trading, Corp. (169 E Flagler St) Dwr Diamonds And Estate Jewelry, Inc. (169 E Flagler) Jvr Investments Tamiami Trailer, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Jvr Investments Green Acres, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Jvr Investments 8th Street, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Jvr Investments 41st Street, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) Sounds Good Productions, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Lutoni, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Litigation Resolution, Inc. (169 E Flagler St) Kwal & Oliva, P.A. (169 E Flagler St) Bota, L.L.C. (169 E Flagler St) Redhorn Aviation, L.L.C. (169 E Flagler St Ste 800) Clarence Wolf Jr. And Alma B. Wolf Foundation, Inc. (169 E Flagler St Ste 800) Admajora, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Kwality Urgent Health Care, L.L.C. (169 East Flagler St) World Software Services, Corp. (169 East Flagler St) Porras & Company, Cpa, Pa (169 East Flagler St) Witold Mysko, Inc. (169 East Flagler St) San Marco Enterprises LLC (169 East Flagler St) Lindy One, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Tilia Spirits, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Melonot, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Tilia Events, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Lret-Green, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Asadel Investments, LLC (169 East Flagler St) D. Manatee Holdings, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Tilia Media Holdings, LLC (169 East Flagler St) Tilia Venture, LLC (169 East Flagler St) 8th Street Shopping Center LLC (169 East Flagler St) Cantons Enterprise Inc (169 East Flagler St) Law Offices Of Luis A. Perez, P.A. (169 E Flagler St) K. Phillips & Co., Inc. (169 East Flagler St) William F. Fabra, P.A. (169 E Flagler St) Mydas Group Inc. (145 East Flagler St) Metro Digital And Computers Inc. (144 East Flagler St) Kirk Jewelers, L.L.C. (142 E Flagler St) Tzach (Tzeirei Agudat Chabad), Inc. (145 East Flager St) Libre Solutions Inc (145 E Flagler St) Taitas Group Corporation (145 East Flagler Street Suite A-27) Bema Men'S Shop, Inc. (146 E Flagler St) Fernand Optical Boutique, Inc. (160 East Flagler St) Pan American Jewelry Exchange Of Miami, Inc. (169 East Flagler) Poses & Poses, P.A. (169 East Flagler St) East Flagler Realty LLC (134 East Flagler St) Watch Time, Inc. (139 E Flagler St) Good News Corporation (139 E Flagler St) Royal City, Inc. (140 East Flagler St) Royal Eyewear, Inc. (140 E Flagler St # A) Royal Crown Fashion, Inc. (140 E Flagler St) Metro Natural Products LLC (144 E Flagler St) Guru Rent A Car LLC (199 E Flagler St) Ebn Corp (199 East Flagler Street #191) Nilsen Ventures, Inc (199 East Flagler Street #191) Nicholas Edwards Consulting, Inc. (199 East Flagler Street #191) First Capital Land Trust LLC. (199 E Flagler St) Santa Sofia Investment, Corp. (199 E Flagler St) San Agustin Investments, Corp. (199 E Flagler St) Mercury Express Couriers, Inc. (139 Ne First St) M.R.E Assets, LLC (9518 Sterling Dr) La Orquidea Jewelry Of Miami, Inc. (145 Ne 1 Street) Silcarbon Racing Team LLC (145 Ne 1 Street) Bryon & Ernesto, LLC. (145 Ne 1st St) Gilbert Parking, LLC. (151 Ne 1st St) Olympia Trading.Com, Inc. (171 Ne 1st St) Consolidated Parking, LLC (170 Ne First St) Olympia Electronics, Inc. (173 Ne 1st St) Mec Private Advising Pllc (101 E Flagler St) Losa Events And Services LLC (101 E Flagler St) Ap Urban Ink LLC (101 Flagler St) M&S Entrepreneurship Xxi L.L.C. (111 East Flagler St) Mumiami Style Inc. (111 E Flagler St) Makube Audio Dubbing, Inc (111 East Flager Street Apt 809) Jet Prime Experience LLC (111 E Flagler St Apt 809) Syd & Natasha Media Group, LLC (111 E Flagler St) Sarwar Advisory Group, Inc (111 East Flagler St) Fritz Geitner, Inc. (111 E Flagler St) Cn Projects, LLC (111 East Flagler St) Flagler First Condominium Association, Inc. (111 East Flagler St) Nc - Office, Corp. (111 East Flagler St) Miara Perfume Shop Inc (115 E Flagler St) Game Traders And Cellulars LLC (117 East Flager St) Moises Jewelry, Inc. (119 E Flagler St) Cj Urban Wear, Inc. (121 East Flagler St) Empire Perfume, Inc. (124 E Flagler St) Piritu Connection Inc (111 Ne 1st St) Casablanca Realty Group Corp. (111 Ne 1st Street 9th Floor) Usa Law Group, LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Eglantina Zingg, Inc. (139 Ne 1st St) Clean Ventures LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Lave LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Dakamu, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Quintessential Investments, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Ronay Jenton Law, P.A. (14 North East 1st Ave) 904 One Flagler Investments, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Diab Designs, Inc. (111 Ne 1st Street Suite 913) Q-Teddy Bear Foundation Of Florida, Inc. (111 Northeast 1st St) Florida Freedom Financial, Inc (111 Ne 1 St Suite 3119) Smapt 3405 LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Smapt 3406 LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Ideas Sold Separately Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) Mira (Miami), Inc. (121 Ne 1st St) Federal Relocation Company LLC (111 Ne 1st St 9th Floor) Siebler Corporation (111 Ne 1st St) Q Burke Mountain Resort, LLC (111 Ne 1st Street 4th Floor) Q Aviation LLC (111 Ne 1st Street 4th Floor) Flight Design Americas, Inc. (111 Ne 1st Street 4th Floor) Ts-1 Promotions, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave Ste 700) Gregory E. Bloom, P.A. (21 Se 1st Ave Ste 700) Thebreadcompany.Co LLC (21 Se 1st Ave 6th Fl) Beta Boombox, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Beta 35, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Aaa Management Services, Inc. (21 Se 1st Ave) Mimo Partners Usa, LLC (21 Se 1st Avenue Unit 6) Mimo 5201, LLC (21 Se 1st Avenue Unit 6) Very Real Corp. (21 Se 1st Avenue Unit 6) Noos Labs Corp (21 Se 1st Avenue Unit 6) Linford Press LLC (21 Se 1st Ave #700) Hms Advertising & Promotions, Inc. (21 Se 1st Ave) Popular Condominium Association, Inc. (21 Southeast First Ave) International Business Consultancy, Inc. (21 Se 1st Ave) Curquin Aqua, LLC (21 Se 1st Avenue Tenth Floor) Nasajon, L.L.C. (21 Se 1st Avenue Suite 400) Nasari LLC (21 Se 1st Ave 4th Floor) Jtn Of Miami, Inc. (21 Se 1st Ave 4th Floor) Doren, L.L.C. (21 Se 1st Ave) Beta Room, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Daneli, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Nasajon Advisers, LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) The Watch Group Corp (21 Se 1st Ave) New City, Inc. (21 Se 1 Avenue) 801 Brickell Bay Dr #1663 Mia Fl 33131, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Estudio Mazza, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Ruben A Sanchez P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Nexus Miami Real Estate Group, LLC. (4 Se 1st) Liliana Montoya Inc. (101 East Flager St) The Goldman, Inc. (24 Se 1st Ave) Sneak Feed LLC (25 Se 1 Ave) Gb Sports LLC (21 Se 1st Ave) Law Office Of Barry Oliver Chase, P.A. (21 Se 1st Ave) Event Horizon Travel, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Earth Go Hard, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave #400) Parker Electronics (Usa) Corporation (14 Ne 1 Ave) Csi Foreclosures, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Mdk Commercial Properties LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Florida Legal LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave Ste 1001) Dbe Direct LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Sea 2 Sea Designs LLC (1022 Hiawatha Pl) Dieppa Martinez, Pllc (14 Ne 1 Ave) Roma Casting, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) 21 Vueltas LLC (14 Ne 1 Avenue) Tgise LLC (14 Ne 1 Avenue) Brett L. Borrow, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Sae Institute Of Technology (Miami) Corp. (14 Ne 1st Ave 6th Floor) Merca Enterprise, Inc (14 Ne 1st Ave) Office Ga LLC (14 Ne First Ave Ste 909) Grupo Alejansa, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave 10th Floor) Nei G. Andreani Pa (14 Ne First Ave 10nd Floor) Law Offices Of Metin Serbest, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1106) J. Marcos Martinez, P.A. (14 Ne First Ave - Ste 1001) Vector Transfer, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Bizlinks Connections, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave 10th Floor) Raymond Dieppa, Pa (14 Ne 1 Ave) Reyes Del Mar Jewelers, Inc. (14 Ne 1 Avenue) Oka LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Zola Ventures Inc (14 Ne 1st Ave) Law Office Of Jonathan A. Heller, P.A. (14 Ne First Ave) Paper Street Media, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Paper Street Investments LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Charged Media, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Mayhem Media, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Soap Code, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Neptune Media, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Paper Street Holdings, Inc (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 705) Southern Touch Air & Appliances Inc. (14 Ne 1 Ave 2nd Floor) The Specht Sheet Company (14 Ne 1st Ave - #701) Longview Management Inc. (14 Ne First Ave Floor 10) Global Auto Auction LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Broad Street Paper Company LLC (14 Ne 1st Avenue Suite 705) Venderusa, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) One Flagler 703 LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Cocktails By Spence Consulting, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Conbini, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Martha L. Mendez, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Student Coffee, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Cptg Consultants LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Fsa Flagler, LLC. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Assur'Buzz LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Broad Street Media, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Flower Street Properties, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Broad Street Management, LLC. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Egjd Holdings, LLC. (14 Ne 1st Ave) D Miami Holdings LLC (14 Ne 1st Avenue #1401) Monabar LLC (14 Ne 1st Avenue #1401) Equipment Company Asia, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave 2f) Aeon Construction Company Inc (14 Ne 1st Ave #1110) 9401 Sw 63 Ct Pinecrest Fl 33156, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) 1418 Barlow Court Palm Beach Gardens Fl 33440, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Kms Aviation LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Brand On Americas LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Calissimo Sweet LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) 1 Media Studio LLC (14 Ne First Ave 10th Floor) Gladja Inc. (14 Ne First Ave 10th Floor) Nows News Inc (14 Ne First Ave 10th Floor) Gl Marine Solutions Inc. (14 Ne First Ave 10th Floor) Fashion District Center, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Merca Real Estate Services, LLC (14 Ne 1st Avenue Suite 805) Vantage Overseas Holdings, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) South Florida Investment Regional Center, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Intercapital Data LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) American Builders Regional Center LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Inversiones Lopez Camargo LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Astor Eb5 Funding, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Intercapital Hospitality LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Global F&B, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Talent Of Nations Foundation Corp. (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Kyc News Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) David J. Hart, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave Suite 1400) Babeluscious,LLC (14 Ne First Avenue 10th Floor) Coko Consult & Services LLC (14 Northeast First Ave) Richard G. Toledo Real Estate, P.A. (14 Northeast First Ave) Auger Invest, LLC. (11 Ne 1st Ave) 101eastflagler501, LLC (101 East Flagler St) Pres Did It, LLC (10 Ne 1st Ave) One Flagler 805 LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Exportadora Sur Valles Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) One Flagler 700 LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Jane D. Ramsey, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Ienspire Solutions LLC (14 Ne 1 Avenue) Puerto Viejo Wines, LLC. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Frank J. Gaviria, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) T M Time, Inc. (14 Ne First Ave) Ianalyst, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) One Flagler 802 LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Kelly & Sons Flooring Of Fl Inc (582 Baywood Dr N) "Dolores Export & Marketing Inc." (14 Ne 1st Ave) Feinstein Peters & Garcia, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Ogm Corp (14 Ne 1st Ave) A M R International Inc. (14 Ne 1 Ave Suite 401) Nanis Us LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave Ste 500) Carol Fabrics Inc (33 Ne 1st Ave) Nunez Fabrics, Inc. (27 Ne 1st Ave) Jireh Medical Corporation (30 Ne 1st Ave) Vip La Revista Us Corp (30 Ne 1 Ave) The Bead Bazaar, LLC (34 Ne 1st Ave) Chanjo Trading Inc (36 Ne 1st Ste 211) 2126 Corp (36 Ne 1st Ste 211) Frg Watch Repair Corp. (36 Ne 1st Suite 605) Palula Investment, LLC (40 Ne 1 Avenue) Spain Earrings, Corp. (40 Ne 1 Avenue) Obelo Investments, LLC (40 Ne 1st Avenue Ste 704) Grupo Rocla, LLC (40 Ne 1st Avenue Ste 704) New Line Jewelers, Inc. (36 Northeast 1st) Chandi Group, Inc. (36 Ne 1st #117) Sky Coast Property 1, LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave) David Jewelry, Inc. (38 Ne 1 Avenue) Gifts & Designs, Inc. (40 Ne 1 Ave Ste 402) Cyneric, LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave) Cyneric, Inc. (40 Ne 1st Ave) Bernaudo'S Corporation (40 Ne 1st Ave) Lwb Diamonds, Inc. (36 Ne 1st) Gaston Jewelry Studio, Inc. (40 Ne 1st Ave) Tremens Gold LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave 2nd Floor) Notso Tokyo LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave) First & First Investment Associates, LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave Suite 200) Close 2, LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave) Orion Metals Group LLC (40 Ne 1st Ave) Cts Jewelry Inc (40 Ne 1st Ave) Mario Alberto Ruiz P.A. (111 Ne 1st Street 5th Floor) Ibs Construction Group, LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Outsource Your Marketing, LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Federal Relocation Services LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Sunshine Credit And Debt Recovery Services LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Caribbean Tours Usa LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Adoptinternational, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) The Theatre League Of South Florida, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) E-Comb, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) New Markets Management, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) Marconi International University, Inc (111 Ne 1st St) Genomamericas, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) T.D.V. Realty, LLC (117 Ne 1st Avenue Suite 1301) Miami-Dade Taxpayers Alliance, Inc. (100 Ne 1st St) Brazo De Oro Enterprises, LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Dupont Parking, LLC. (170 Ne 1st St) Sweet De-Lights Bakery, Inc. (3472 Ne 1st St) Seybold Building Corporation. (36th Ne 1st St) Dr. Ashley Roth & Associates P.A. (136 Ne 2nd Ave) Chroma Dr, Inc. (49 Ne 2nd Ave) Lugo Puig, Inc (49 Ne 2nd Ave) Lugo'S Puig Supermarket, Inc. (49 Ne 2nd Ave) Ynj, Inc. (39 Ne 2nd Ave) Digital Pro, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Vvip Flight & Services, Inc. (99 East Flagler St) P G Creative, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Mainsa Fl, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Green Key Transports, LLC (14 Ne 1 Ave) Ocrti Consulting Corp (14 Ne First Ave) Gursky Ragan, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) T M Gems, Inc. (14 Ne First Ave) Imperial Discount, Inc. (32 Ne 1 Ave) The Mine Shaft LLC (55 Ne 1st St) The Ring Leaders, Inc. (55 Ne 1 St) Eyeson Digital Surveillance And Management Systems, L.L.C. (64 Ne 1 St) H & S Jewelry LLC (55 Ne First St) Prime Time Jewelers LLC (55 Ne 1st St) Amadita Labs LLC (55 Ne 1st St) Gold 7 Of Miami, LLC. (68 Ne 1st St) Rtimes LLC (55 Ne 1 St) Cedar Holding, LLC (56 Ne 1st St) Accar Jewelry, Inc. (56 Ne 1st St) Chronofy, Inc. (56 Ne 1st St) Accar Ltd., Inc. (56 Ne 1st St) Super Kids Bargain Store, Inc. (62 Ne 1st St) Latitude Trading Corp. (66 Ne 1st St) Maslov International Trading, Corp. (66 Ne 1st St) Chrono Sky Inc (59 Ne 1th St) Downtown Luxury Exotics, LLC (55 Ne 1st St) Rakhminoff, LLC (55 Ne 1st St) The Golden Nugget Jewelry, LLC (55 Ne 1 St Ste 24) Drive2executive Inc (139 Ne 1st Suite 608) Shun Fa Usa LLC (140 Ne 1st Ave) Rosfig Fabric Corp. (128 Ne 1 Ave) Miami Catholic Lawyers Guild, Inc. (118 Ne 2nd St) Next Level Hair Cuttery LLC (238 Ne 1st Ave) Akoya- Miami Sun Hotel , LLC (226 Ne 1st Ave) Kibou, LLC (226 Ne 1st Ave) D.A.L.S.S Downtown LLC (226 Ne 1st Ave) D & D Ss Downtown LLC (226 Ne 1st Ave) The Community Green, Corporation (226 Ne 1st Ave) Caroline Dadlani, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Vibe Prod LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Simple Home Solutions, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Coral Parking, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Ideal Personnel Services LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) 2010 Investments, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Falkon Properties LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Golden Trust Group LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Falkimmo LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Gabrielle Charles & Co. Events LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Monabuzz LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Mia Sports, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Sanchez-Roig & Solow, Pllc (14 Ne 1st Ave) One Flagler 900 LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Flagger 500 Investments LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Flagger 501 Investments LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) 1105 Investments Group LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Smartners Consulting LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Williams | Raikhelson, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Empire Car Spa LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Miami Seminole Club, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Jonray Insurance, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Kevin Guanaga, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Kozi Diamonds Group, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Law Offices Of Juan F. Madrid, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Jcg International Usa, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Integro Advisers, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Pizza And Beer Flicks, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Travel Traders International, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Perkins Law Offices, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Kaza Us, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Aric N. Williams, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Heat Sporting Events Corporation (14 Ne 1st Ave) South Florida Injury Attorneys P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Y. Ciliberti Diamonds, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) The Hospitality Corporation North America Limited (14 Ne First Ave) Lalisim LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Oyster Pearl Of Miami L.L.C. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Thomas A. Bastian, Cpa, P.A. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Lizlamcorp (14 Ne 1st Ave) Wine & Tigella, LLC (12 Ne 1st Ave) Claughton Capital, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) High Finance Publishing, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Arp Strategies, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Schale Victory, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) New York Top Barber And Hairstyling Inc. (128b Ne 1 Ave) Rosa Investments, LLC (128 Ne 1st Ave) Vestin Realty LLC (127 Ne First Ave) Royal Watch, Inc. (127 Ne First Ave) T.C.C.C. Jewelers, Inc. (140 Ne 1st Ave) C & M Jewelers Inc. (140 Ne 1st Ave) Lanshang Corporation (140 Ne 1st Ave) E.C.T. Trinity Holdings, LLC (144 Ne 1st Ave) Best Time, Inc. (144 Ne 1st Ave) R.R. Rey., LLC (152 Ne 1st Ave) Merca Consulting, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Trina Niznik LLC (257 Se 46th Ter) Immigration4us LLC (14 Ne First Avenue 2nd Floor) The Bond 1113 LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Vicbag LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) R M Gems, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Apex Dmg, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Benchmark Realty Group, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Gsi Global Agency, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Bh1804, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Gri Holdings, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) One Flagler 801 LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave) Sedoc, LLC (14 Ne 1st Ave 2nd Floor) Atomic Gold, Inc. (14 Ne 1st Ave) Jewelers Tools And Supplies, LLC (55 Ne 1 Street) International Jewelers Supply, LLC (55 Ne 1 Street) Alberto J Ruiz P.A. (111 Ne 1st St) Ferrvm International, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) The Wise Space Corp (111 Ne 1st St) Q.Resorts, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) Quiros Family Farm, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) Q Development LLC (111 Ne 1st St) Bioheart Florida LLC (111 Ne 1st St) G.S.I. Of Dade County, Inc. (111 Ne 1st St) Kaloti Metals & Logistics, LLC (55 Ne 1st St) Jjb Aviation, LLC (55 Ne 1st St) Watch Universe International Corp (60 Ne First St) Lazaro De Vinci Jewelry LLC (61 Ne 1st St) Miami Watch Inc. (61 Ne 1st St) Rosenthal Jewelers Supply Corp. (64 Ne 1st St) Rosenthal, L.L.C. (64 Ne 1st St) Royal Time Inc. (107 Ne 1st Ave) Bengal Restaurant LLC (109 Ne 1st Ave) Suarez Crystals & Watch Services, Inc. (105 Ne 1st Ave) Morjain Construction, Inc. (101 Ne 1st Ave) Saam Zangeneh P.A. (14 Northeast 1st Ave) All State Roofing Corp (14 Northeast 1st Ave) Eig South Florida, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Images & Words LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Kombinacion Design, LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Upsale Group. LLC (14 Ne First Ave) Wpm Miami, Inc. (40 Ne 1st Ave) Instant Karma Entertainment Group, Corp. (40 Ne 1st Ave Ste 704) Capdevilla'S Jewelry Design, Inc. (36 Ne 1st) Padron Jewelry Inc (36 Ne 1st) Gcmam Investment, LLC (40 Ne 1 Ave Ste 704) Relitran LLC (4045 Sw 8th St) Central Time International, Inc. (55 Ne 1st St) Ashley Jewelry Repair Inc (55 Ne 1st St) Rainbow Jewelry Inc (101 Ne 1st St) Precious Gold Filled, Inc. (63 North East First St) Property Options, LLC (117 Ne 1st Ave) Tim & Company, Inc. (139 Ne 1street) Laal Manufacturing Inc (55 Ne 1st St) L & I Diamonds, Inc. (55 Ne 1st St) City Novel, LLC (21 Se First Ave) Uzcategui & Partners LLC (117 Ne 1st Ave) Epare LLC (117 Ne 1st Ave) International House Of Cinema LLC (117 Ne 1st Ave) Synchroteam Inc (117 Ne 1st Ave) Atomic Muscle Designs, Inc. (117 Ne 1st Ave) Qmpx LLC (146 East Flagler St) Basic Xxi, Inc. (148 E Flagler St)
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