Del Rossi Law, LLC

Del Rossi Law, LLC is a Florida limited liability company based in Miami. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Jun 15, 2011.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeFLAL
Filing DateJun 15, 2011
FEI Number452700443
Principal Address
55 Merrick Way
FL 33134

Del Rossi Law, LLC Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Del Rossi Law, LLC. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Del Rossi Law, LLC and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Del Rossi John Registered Agent Rossi Del
774 Azalea St
Boca Raton
(Palm Beach County)

Rossi Del
55 Merrick Way
FL 33134
(Miami-Dade County)

Rossi Del
55 Merrick Way Apt 812
Coral Gables
FL 33134
(Miami-Dade County)

The following companies have a director or officer called Rossi Del
Cip Solutions Group, LLC - Officer (AMBR)
Del Rossi Enterprises, LLC - Officer (AMBR)

Principal Location

Del Rossi Law, LLC is located at 55 Merrick Way in Miami.

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(2332 Galiano St Fl2) V&T Wealth Strategies, LLC (2332 Galiano Street Floor 2) Florida Collaborative Trainers LLC (95 Merrick Way) Counseling Services Of Miami, LLC (95 Merrick Way) Collaborative Family Law Council Of Florida, Inc. (95 Merrick Way) Collaborative Law Center, Inc. (95 Merrick Way) Arex Realty, Inc. (2332 Galiano St) Eagle River Importers, Inc. (2332 Galiano St) Va-Q-Tec Usa, Inc. (2332 Galiano St) Professional Building Solutions LLC (2332 Galiano St) Dlo The Fieldservice Company (2332 Galiano St) Comunicaciones, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Amp Group Inc. (2332 Galiano St) Prab Consulting And Services LLC (2332 Galiano St) Ft Global Trading, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Am Capital Consulting Team Inc (2332 Galiano St) Optima Tobacco Corp. (2332 Galiano St) The Cohen Law Group,LLC (2332 Galiano St) Specialty Pharmaceuticals Miami, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Belvido LLC (2332 Galiano St) Turo Roofing, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Itm Telecom LLC (2332 Galiano St) Tasg Development LLC (2332 Galiano St) Jd Genius, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Fan Lyfe LLC (2332 Galiano St) Fame Financial Group, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Achetropical, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Global Premium Brands Usa LLC (2332 Galiano St) Dominguez Law Firm, Pllc (2332 Galiano St) Brokerage 41 LLC (2332 Galiano St) Urgent Credit Solutions LLC (2332 Galiano St) Chemical Solutions Mixes LLC (2332 Galiano St) Buobooks.Com, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Lit Visions Marketing LLC (2332 Galiano St) Curative Solutions, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Square Circle LLC (2332 Galiano St) Ride Care, LLC (2332 Galiano St) E-Tile LLC (2332 Galiano St) 4 Point Construction Of Florida, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Vita Home Health Agency LLC (2332 Galiano St) A Light In The Closet Inc. 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(2332 Galiano St) Scionti Roofing Group LLC (2332 Galiano St) Blockchain Risk Management LLC (2332 Galiano St) Augmented Realty LLC (2332 Galiano St) Mocla LLC (2332 Galiano St) Myrx.Cloud, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Ample Raws LLC (2332 Galiano St) Carol Curry LLC (2332 Galiano St) Botanica Internacional LLC (2332 Galiano St) Delighted Lotus Lending, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Profile Interactive Media, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Healthcare Business Academy LLC (2332 Galiano St) Dental Medical R&D Service LLC (2332 Galiano St) Virtual Motor, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Change 4 Digi LLC (2332 Galiano St) Lumo International, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Alive Shop, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Get Away & Play Travel Solutions, LLC (2332 Galiano St) 3d Global Med Innovations, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Semperfi Sanitizing LLC (2332 Galiano St) Aqs Energy Services LLC (2332 Galiano St) Timogranch LLC (2332 Galiano St) Vector Axis Florida LLC (2332 Galiano St) Florida Latinamerica Business Federation, Inc. 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(95 Merrick Way) Port De Bras LLC (95 Merrick Way) Slate Construction Group, LLC (95 Merrick Way) Corpart Investments LLC (95 Merrick Way) Immigration Services Miami LLC (95 Merrick Way) Koko Sports Management LLC (95 Merrick Way) Errez Design Inc. (95 Merrick Way) Dreamers Take Risks LLC (2332 Galiano St) Miami Brilliant Shine, LLC (2332 Galiano St) Marie C. Javier, Esq. Immigration Law Firm, LLC (2332 Galiano St 2nd Fl) Famulari & Butto, Pllc (2332 Galiano St 2nd Fl) Kredigenics LLC (2332 Galiano St 2nd Fl) Illumination Technologies Florida LLC (2332 Galiano St 2nd Fl) Break The Format Foundation Corp. (95 Merrick Way Third Floor) Break The Format, LLC (95 Merrick Way 3rd Fl) A Group Services, Inc. (50 Giralda Ave) Aquamundo, LLC (68 Miracle Mile) My Bestfriend'S Closet Boutique Inc. (68 Miracle Mile) Miami Alkaline Water, Inc. (68 Miracle Mile) Spacagna Hair Care LLC (62 Miracle Mile) Estetica Le Fate LLC (62 Miracle Mile) Cibo Wine Bar, LLC (45 Miracle Mile) Gold Royale Asset LLC (10 Aragon Avenue Suite 1220) Ocean Jade Asset LLC (10 Aragon Ave Suite 1220) All Inclusive Collection LLC (55 Miracle Mile Ste 200) R3 Map LLC (55 Miracle Mile Ste 200) Falcon Shares 220 LLC (55 Miracle Mile Ste 310) Level Landing Aviation, LLC (55 Miracle Mile Suite 310) N191gh Leasing, LLC (55 Miracle Mile Suite 310) Gulfstream Energy Solutions, Inc. (55 Miracle Mile Suite 310) N191gh, LLC (55 Miracle Mile Suite 310) Tradco Ltd., Inc. (55 Miracle Mile) Richard L. Richards, P.A. (55 Miracle Mile) Aircraft Holdings, Inc. (55 Miracle Mile) All Inclusive Collection Holding LLC (55 Miracle Mile Suite 200) Encasa LLC (55 Miracle Mile Suite 200) Nikolidakis Group Usa LLC (63 Merrick Way) Classic Collections Inc. (34 Miracle Mile) Jona-Sharego, LLC (79 Merrick Way)
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