Leotta Designers, Inc.

Leotta Designers, Inc. is a Foreign (non Florida) for profit corporation based in Coral Gables. They registered with the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations on Dec 20, 1993.

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Florida Sunbiz Corporation Details

Corporation Number
Filing TypeFORP
Filing DateDec 20, 1993
FEI Number231598152
Principal Address
75 Valencia Ave Suite 302
Coral Gables
FL 33134

Leotta Designers, Inc. Directors and Officers

The following table lists the directors and officers for Leotta Designers, Inc.. It shows their name and position within the company. It also shows possible addresses and related companies for the officer based on their name. These are addresses and companies associated with a person of that name. Their inclusion in the table does not indicate anything more than a potential relationship between Leotta Designers, Inc. and the address or company.

NamePositionPossible AddressPossible Related Companies
Schoennagel Ralph W Officer (Pres) Ralph Schoennagel
1315 N Biscayne Point Rd
Miami Beach
FL 33141
(Miami-Dade County)

Ricci Robert A Officer (VP,) Robert Ricci
12970 Sw 186 Terrace
FL 33177
(Miami-Dade County)

Principal Location

Leotta Designers, Inc. is located at 75 Valencia Ave Suite 302 in Coral Gables.

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(2600 S Douglas Rd) Antoros Corporation (2600 S Douglas Rd) Aramco Florida Holdings Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Garssa Enterprises Inc. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Crabel, Inc. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Ariston Enterprises, Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Beach Club Ii B - 01/04 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) M906 - 02/20 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) M 1606-03/05 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Dorelen, Inc. (2600 S Douglas Rd) The Residences 407-9/408-9-0904 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Sunrise Beach Investments, Inc. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Beruska Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Avenue 1229 - 1130 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Park Suite 706 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) One Miami 3212 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Avenue 2210 - 0905 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Las Vistas J-207,Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Palmeras 1608 Brickell Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Avenue C 1207 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) 1800 Club 2812 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) St. Louis 1704 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Judith Aya De Cifuentes Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Wbh 37e Corp. 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(2600 S Douglas Rd) Paramount Bay 1604 Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Comar Ventures Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Fabiana Santamaria, P.A. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Isabella Holguin, P.A. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Lonadel Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Onyx Bay 2601 Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Cygnus Brickell, Corp. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Tiche Investments, Inc. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Meel Ventures Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Draco Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) 3802 Vizcayne Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) The Greens 5214 Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Eduardo X. Pereira P. A. (2600 S Douglas Rd) C306 Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) United Ar 2308 Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Ideas X Scrapbook Corp (2600 S Douglas Rd) Emeritus Investments, Inc. (2600 S Douglas Rd) Bcnmd, Inc. 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(45 Valencia Ave) M. Hajjar & Associates, Inc. (45 Valencia Ave) Bon Appetit Of South Florida, Inc. (45 Valencia Ave) Ballerina Fl LLC (2600 S Douglas Rd Suite 801) Wilsta Investment Lllp (2600 South Douglas Rd) Accounting Administrative Services, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Jjr Holdings, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Jc & Jr Investments, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Premium Finance Group, L.L.C. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Riesco & Company, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Fiusa Management LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Fiusa Beach LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Adval Consulting, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Nextgen - 5210, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Wilsta Investments - 1102, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Garraposa Acquisitions LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Bear Cut LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Allgraphic LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Jdvsf Investments, LLC. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Cemca Investments, LLC. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Defca Investments, LLC. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Iberian Icon Residential, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Ves Holdings, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Lorsi Holdings, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Bella Opera Holdings, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Infinity Bella, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Martinez & Morales, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Fiusa Texas LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Fiusa Gardens LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) 31avenida, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Azul 88, LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Fiusa Kendall LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Fiusa South Miami LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Rejcz LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Bertanak Investments LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Bobcat Creek Holdings LLC (2600 South Douglas Rd) Julian J. Rodriguez, P.A. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Justify This, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Caro Properties Investments Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Niurka L. Lopez, P.A. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Cj2 International Leasing Corp. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Finanzas Del Iregua Usa, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Garraposa Usa, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Iberian Icon Usa, Inc (2600 South Douglas Rd) Infinity Coast, Inc (2600 South Douglas Rd) Karters Holding Corp (2600 South Douglas Rd) Tridente Strategies, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Jose Ignacio Leon, P.A. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Nostrum Group Inc (2600 South Douglas Rd) The Bookkeepers, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Forshee & Lockwood, P.A. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Innovative Business Consulting, Inc. (2600 South Douglas Rd) Enco Weston LLC (100 Almeria Avenue Suite 200) Md Consulting Of America Corp (100 Almeria Avenue Suite 200) Cane609, LLC (100 Almeria Ave #230) Gloria Roa Bodin, P.A. (90 Almeria Ave) Las Brisas Tropicales, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Mp LLC (90 Almeria Ave) 90 Almeria, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) First Churchill Way, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Second Churchill Way, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Sobe-1333, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) 3081 Salzado St, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Mb 1230 Stillwater, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Eastern Financial Mortgage Corporation (90 Almeria Ave) Drb Ii, Lc (100 Almeria Avenue Suite 310) Elegance Alterations & Tailoring LLC (10950 San Jose Blvd) Profile Communications Group, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) John M. Thomson, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) V. Alberto Valencia, D.D.S., P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) V. Michael Arias, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) Exu Industrial And Petroleum Supply Corp (100 Almeria Ave) Brady Law Firm, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) Armando R. Aldereguia, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) Mgitech International, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) W Miami Beach 1804, LLC (90 Almeria Ave #204) Setai Miami Beach 2907, LLC (90 Almeria Ave #204) Bhms Air Charters, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Bhms Air Operators, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Gqbhms Air Charters, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Deep South Op Investors, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Agc Sea LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Krewe Du Q LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Macu Aviation LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Agc Brays LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Qfo Partners LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Ccyc Qfp Ventures LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Donatello Property LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Kawama LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Reef Bum LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Albury Boys LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Early 2 Rise LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Anjuna, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Qnext, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Sophitasch LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Qsdeal1, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) 3401 Northside Drive Key West, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Charleston Rivers Ave Partners, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) 11395 Property LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Skinner Ave Leesburg Partners, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Out Of The Blue Ccyc LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Ccyc Little House, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Ccyc Marina Ventures, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Ccyc Marina Ventures 2, LLC (101 Almeria Ave) Qf Holding Co. (101 Almeria Ave) Vernet Group LLC (66 Valencia Ave) Redfish Rentals LLC (66 Valencia Ave) Lynbrook Rental 101 LLC (66 Valencia Ave) 81st Road 117 Rental LLC (66 Valencia Ave) Social Consulting, LLC (66 Valencia Ave) Segontia, Inc. (66 Valencia Ave) Shannoncooks, Inc. (2618 Galiano St) Law Office Of Joseph S. Shook P.A. (75 Valencia Ave) Belaval Law, Pllc (55 Almeria Ave) Fornaris Law Firm, P.A. (65 Almeria) Islandia Trading Company, LLC (55 Almeria) Almeria Realty, LLC (65 Almeria Ave) Hb Capital Partners, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) 3940 East 10 Court, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Tryon Partners, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Hb Capital Property Management, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Hb Brazil Tower, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Rrea 8820 Atf Management, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Tx Construction Agg, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Hb Sheridan Group, LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Mosaic Line LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Bravado Venture LLC (55 Almeria Ave) Eas Engineering, Inc. (55 Almeria Ave) Carbonell Development Company (55 Almeria Ave) Republic Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (55 Almeria Ave) Florida Republic Development Partners Iii, Inc (55 Almeria Ave) Florida Republic Development Partners Iv , Inc (55 Almeria Ave) 3055-3075 Sw 28 Street, Inc (55 Almeria Ave) M.V.Williamson Company, Inc. (55 Almeria Ave) J.B. Williamson Company, Inc. (55 Almeria Ave) Viamonte Ros Consulting Inc. (34 Almeria Ave) Lux Lifestyle Chiropractic LLC (31 Almeria Ave) Deja Vu Gummies LLC (29 Almeria Ave) Deja Vu Hair Studio Corp (29 Almeria Ave) Coninvex, Inc. (27 Almeria Ave) East Coast Capital Partners LLC (27 Almeria Ave) David R. Garcia, P.L. (27 Almeria Ave) Super Closure International, LLC (27 Almeria Ave) Neptune Yacht Management LLC (27 Almeria Ave) Darvan Aviation Holdings LLC (27 Almeria Ave) North Grove Investments LLC (27 Almeria Ave) Sflc Investments LLC (27 Almeria Ave) Euclid Aviation Inc (27 Almeria Ave) Vb Development Inc. (27 Almeria Ave) Lugon Holdings Inc. (27 Almeria Ave) Zabev Corp. (27 Almeria Ave) Zalite Corp. (27 Almeria Ave) Neptune 2011 Inc. (27 Almeria Ave) Misantina Corp. (27 Almeria Ave) The Law Offices Of Kevin D. Dennis, LLC (45 Almeria Ave) Lynx Development Group, LLC (45 Almeria Ave) Shomar Property Management, LLC (45 Almeria Ave) 45 Almeria, LLC (45 Almeria Ave) Uscreditdefense.Com LLC (45 Almeria Ave) Lynx Realty, LLC (45 Almeria Ave) Runaway Yachts LLC (45 Almeria Ave) Jessica Cerrato Pa (45 Almeria Ave) Dennis Mediation Corp (45 Almeria Ave) Prime Medical & Rehab Services, Inc. (23 Almeria Ave) Ibis Trail At Covington, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) 4111 Le Jeune, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor Almeria, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor Cedar River LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Merrick Manor Condominium Association, Inc. (21 Almeria Ave) Grand Marquis, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) I & N Development, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Douglas Enclave, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor 5590 Wickham Rd, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor 191 Eau Gallie Blvd LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor 1501 Pioneer Road LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor 4531 S Dale Mabry Highway, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor 14021 Stuebner Airline Road, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor 3569 Northwest Centre Drive, LLC (21 Almeria Ave) Astor Property Holdings, LLC (21 Almerai Ave) Algonquin Investors, LLC (35 Almeria Ave) Arnaldo Velez, P.A. (35 Almeria Ave) Tinliz Corp. (35 Almeria Ave) Samlap Ii, Inc. (75 Valencia Ave 4th Floor) Insafe Investments, Inc. (75 Valencia Ave 4th Floor) Sdm Consulting Engineers, Inc. (135 Almeria Ave) Legion Of Mary Of Miami, Inc. (129 Almeria Ave) Mystical Rose Praesidium Of The Legion Of Mary, Inc. (129 Almeria Ave) Pft Holdings, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Multi-Lenders Group, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Prv Tn, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Alnu Investments, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Strong Tower Builders, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Nms International Investments, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Nunez And Partners, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Janup Investment Group, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Housekeeping Academy, LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Dream Team Law, Pllc (113 Almeria Ave) Groupo Cevi-Caribe LLC (113 Almeria Ave) Nunez & Partners, Inc. (113 Almeria Ave) Southeast Realty Of Dade, Inc (113 Almeria Ave) Roberts & Durkee, P.A. (113 Almeria Ave) 11400 Sw 95 Ave, Corp (113 Almeria Ave) Jose Menendez, P.A. (113 Almeria Ave) Cabrera Consulting Group, Inc. (113 Almeria Ave) Patino Enterprises, Inc. (113 Almeria Ave) Law Offices Of Rene A. Sotorrio, P.A. (113 Almeria Ave) Patino & Associates, A Professional Association (113 Almeria Ave) Rosendo Forns, D.M.D., P.A. (124 Almeria) Vszn Marketing Group LLC (2600 Galiano St) Kirtland Financial Management, Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Eric B. Feldman, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) Le Mans Enterprises, Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Cawy Real Estate Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Cawy Management Corp. (100 Almeria Ave) Vesce Real Estate LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Uptrade Solution Company, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Francisco J. Villegas Cpa, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) Dacepasa Corp. (100 Almeria Ave) America Realty Advisors Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Southern Airparts Xchange Corp (100 Almeria Ave) Squad Health First Corp (100 Almeria Ave) Pluma Blanca Holdings, Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Lutz Development Corp. (100 Almeria Ave) Pontem Vitae, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Sports Holding Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Armando Aldereguia Investments, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Mac 23, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Coral Gables Executive Center, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Triple Net Marine LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Tivoli 430 LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Gables Edge Properties LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Airport Centre, Inc. (100 Almeria Ave) Touch Of Class Barbershop, Inc. (14912 West Dixie Hwy) A1a Supports Inc (2715 Galiano St) Birdside Centre Corp. (100 Ameria Ave) Dtt Doral 79, LLC (100 Almeria Ave Ste 300) Tiziano 730, LLC (100 Almeria Avenue Suite 300) Doral Trump Golf LLC (100 Almeria Ave Ste 200) Florida Us Imports LLC (100 Almeria Ave Ste 200) Identity Corp (100 Almeria Ave Ste 200) She Gram 1, LLC (100 Almeria Ave) Richard A. Schurr, P.A. (100 Almeria Ave) Siete Shoppes LLC (100 Almeria Ave Suite 300) Winston Gables Insurance Corp (90 Almeria Ave) Chieftain Holdings, Lp (90 Almeria Ave) Thomas G. Sherman, P.A. (90 Almeria Ave) Millenium 1401, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Reliant It, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Sharon-Jo Nachman, Attorney Plc (90 Almeria Ave) Magic City Realtors, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Kadinvest, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Magic City Real Estate, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Square Capital, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Beatrix, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Rimivi, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Bebesito, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Inversiones Bebe, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Cacayo 90, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Law Offices Of Rodriguez Ayoub LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Holoves, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) 5952 Sw 102, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Ts711, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Plantation Shores Properties, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) E And Dd LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Surfside Management Consulting LLC (90 Almeria Ave) 4 Nahkoda Drive, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) 528 Wynwood LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Hamsa 5, LLC (90 Almeria Ave) Union Title Services, Inc. (90 Almeria Ave) Mb Th-13 LLC (90 Almeria Ave) New World Properties Ii, Inc. (90 Almeria Ave) Florida Insurance Claim Attorney Advocates, P.A. (90 Almeria Ave) Jonathan S. Trabitz, P.A. (90 Almeria Ave) Eastern Financial Mortgage Holding, LLC (90 Almeria Avenue Suite 204)
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