Owners and Managers

Many investors own more than one property and may use more than one property manager. Property managers typically manage more than one building for more than one investor.

In the example above 3 property owners and 3 property managers need to colaborate on the management of a number of properties. Each person needs to access the details for the properties they own or manage and should not be able to access other properties.

  • Manager 1 needs to access Buildings A, B, E and G
  • Manager 2 needs to access Building C
  • Manager 3 needs to access Buildings F, H, and I
  • Owner 1 needs to access Buildings A, B, C and D
  • Owner 2 needs to access Buildings E, G, F and H
  • Owner 3 needs to access Buildings I and J

Visulate addresses this problem. Managers can manage properties for multiple investors and share information with them. Managers only see details of the properties they are managing and the investors only see their property details. Investors may own multiple properties and employ more than one manager. Each user has a custom view into the Visulate system and only sees the data that is relevant to them.