The Visulate dashboard provides alerts, graphs and summaries. It shows a year to date summary of the financial performance for the owner's properties. This includes the following details:

  1. Line graph showing year to date income, expense and cash flow.
  2. Bar graph showing uncollected income by month.
  3. Bar graph showing unpaid invoices by month.
  4. Bar graphs showing NOI, cap rate and cash on cash performance by property.
  5. Alerts:
    • Tenancy Agreement expiring in 90, 60 and 30 days.
    • Vacant properties
    • Tenants more than one month in arrears.
    • Months with receivables balance owed > 5% of amount owed.
    • Months with payables balance owed > 5% of amount owed.

Hypertext links allow the user to drill down to see additional details.