Public Records Database

Visulate includes tables and reporting infrastructure to store property related public records information from multiple sources.  There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States.  Each with their own system for evaluating property tax values.  Many of these systems were developed "in house" and use their own proprietary data model.  For example, Brevard and Volusia Counties in Florida are physically adjacent but the data models that they use to calculate property values are completely different:

Visulate provides a normalized data model that can be mapped to multiple property records systems.

Each system is represented by a row in the Sources table.  The sources table includes columns that can be used to maintain links to the county's Website.  Most sites have urls with a predictable structure - typically a base url coupled with an internal id.  The Visulate database records these internal id in the Properties table.  Each property is represented by a row in the Properties table.  Separate tables are used to record sales, ownship and usage records