April 2016

We want to make you aware of a spoof that has been brought to our attention. A man using the name Gary A Brooks has contacted people in a number of states claiming an association with Visulate and offering employment.

The spoof involves phone calls and an series of emails falsely purporting to be from Visulate.  A copy of the text from one the email text appears below. If you received such an email, please be aware that it did not come from Visulate or anyone associated with Visulate.  In addition, note that the emails may contain links to a computer virus or other malware. You should not open the emails or attachments, or respond in any way.

Given the apparent scope of this spoofing scheme, we are taking the unusual step of posting this notice. If you have any questions, please contact Sue using the Contact Us form on our home page.


Email text:


I am an environmentalist and real investor with Visulate, Visulate is a real estate brokerage specializing in Florida real estate investment. Visulate has been investing in Florida real estate since 2003 and has worked with all types of investors from private equity firms to individuals saving for retirement. We are a reputable agency and built for our self a legacy in florida. Our official web page is WWW.VISULATE.COM. I am also an environmentalist and run that privately with CECAR (Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaption Research), I also handle projects on climate control for WHO. I am presently in merrit island Fl. we are on the verge of expanding our outfit to certain states and as such I would be needing some hands on the ground while I visit to handle some duties as an assistant. I would be giving you necessary briefings, supervision and any light training you would be requiring when I arrive. This is an opportunity for you as you get the chance to be part of our pioneering staff in your state and get extra incentives. These are some of the responsibilities you would be handling for me before i arrive and while on the ground.

They range between:

- Keeping appointments/scheduling important dates

- Make flight and hotel reservations as well as bookings

- Data entry/light bookkeeping

- Filing

- Errands

- Mail/Shipping

- Bill payment

- Email follow up

- Light human resources

- Acting as liaison when I am out of town

This is a part time position, in the case that you seem a permanent job however, dedication and zeal on the job are some of the factors that can help you make that happen. You would be earning $25 per hour for tasks assigned to you working a maximum of 5 hours a day and 3 days a week. Some of your tasks would be done from home, while others would only require you going within your area. No travelling involved. No prior experience is required as well, all you need is to be motivated and be capable of learning and assimilating instructions properly. Transportation (if available) would be an added benefit as days may include a mail run, personal pickup etc, or a visit to a location for any of the tasks i would need you to handle. Mileage reimbursements will be provided.

* Going hte extra mile attracts rewards.