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3563 Philips Highway Ste 601e Property Summary

3563 Philips Highway Ste 601e
FL 32207

Lat, Long: 30.290, -81.635

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This property is not currently for sale by Visulate but we may be able to find something similar. Contact us for details.

Google Street View  of 3563 Philips Highway Ste 601e, Jacksonville, FL 32207
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Companies near this Address

  1. Baptist Beaches Medical Condominium Association, Inc. (3563 Phillips Hwy)
  2. Baptist Clay Medical Condominium Association, Inc. (3563 Phillips Hwy)
  3. Ohm Shree Ganesh Ii Corp. (3560 Phillips Hwy)
  4. Zab Coffee LLC (3563 Philips Hwy)
  5. The Church Of Jacksonville, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  6. Jacksonville Resource Center, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  7. The Church Of Jacksonville, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  8. Baptist Ent Specialists, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  9. Baptist Occupational Health, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  10. Baptist Health Properties, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  11. Pavilion Plaza Pharmacy, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  12. Albatrans Car & Truck Sales LLC (3510-1 Phillips Hwy)
  13. Albatrans Express Inc (3510 Philips Hwy)
  14. Albatrans Truck & Car Repair, Inc. (3510 Philips Hwy)
  15. Jerry Hamm Chevrolet, Inc. (3494 Philips Hwy)
  16. Jai Shree Laxmi, LLC (3558 Phillips Hwy)
  17. American Food Co., Inc. (3560 Philips Hwy)
  18. Baptist Primary Care - Internal Medical Group, Inc. (3563 Philips Highway Building A Suite 101)
  19. Metro Park Holdings LLC (3563 Philips Hwy)
  20. Pavilion Health Services, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  21. Baptist Radiosurgery, LLC (3563 Philips Hwy)
  22. Baptist Primary Care, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  23. Baptist Specialty Physicians, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  24. Lyerly Baptist, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  25. Baptist Neurology, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  26. Baptist Pulmonary Specialists, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  27. Pavilion Urgent Care, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  28. Baptist Physician Enterprise Services, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  29. Baptist Pediatrics, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  30. Baptist Obstetrics And Gynecology, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  31. Axewood Management LLC (3563 Phillips Hwy)
  32. Meek Development Group, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  33. Ce-Tech Of Jacksonville, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  34. Hms Physician Services, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  35. Pavilion Infusion Therapy, Inc. (3563 Philips Highway - Suite 202)
  36. Proform Kicking Academy LLC (3605 Philips Hwy)
  37. First Coast Skating Club Of Jacksonville, Inc. (3605 Philips Hwy)
  38. Jacksonville Hockey Club Inc. (3605 Philips Hwy)
  39. Skate World, Inc. (3605 Philips Hwy)
  40. Lake Gray Plaza LLC (3563 Philips Hwy Suite 703)
  41. On The Edge Rock Climbing Gym North, LLC (3563 Phillips Hwy)
  42. Liberty Gray Plaza LLC (3563 Phillips Highway Suite 703)
  43. Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy)
  44. Baptist Urology, Inc. (3563 Philips Hwy Building A Suite 101)
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