8260 Nw 14th St, Doral


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8260 Nw 14th St
Eps X-21756
FL 33126


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Miami-Dade County Real Estate - Hialeah


Hialeah is the sixth largest city in Florida in terms of population and is located in Miami Dade County. In terms of population, Hialeah is the densest American city not to feature a skyscraper. 95% of Hialeah's population is Hispanic. The second largest Spanish television network, Telemundo, is headquartered in Hialeah. Top employers for Hialeah County are Hialeah Hospital, Palmetto General Hospital, Best Buy, Starbucks, and CVS Pharmacy.

Hialeah is in South East Florida. It's population as recorded in the 2010 Census was 224,669.

The median age for residents of Hialeah is 42.2. Around 38.3% of Hialeah households include school aged children and 41.6% of households include individuals aged 65 years or over. Census records indicate 92.6% of the Hialeah population are White, 2.6% are Black or African American, .1% American Indian, .3% Asian and 1.5% are Two or more Races. Hialeah has a significant Hispanic population. 94.7% (212,805) of Hialeah residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin. Of these .85% are of Mexican origin, 2.36% Puerto Rican, 77.4% Cuban and 19.37% are of other Hispanic or Latino origin.

There are 74,067 housing units in Hialeah. 2,862 (3.8%) of these were reported as vacant in the 2010 Census. There are 36,569 residential rental units in Hialeah. 35,190 of them were occupied in 2010 providing a residential rental vacancy rate of 3.6%.

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