4581 Berklie Dr, Tallahassee


Single Family


4581 Berklie Dr
FL 32308

Property Size:2,290 sq ft
Year Built:1957
Property Class:B3

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Leon County, Florida

Leon County is part of the northwest region of Florida. Main industries for this area include advanced manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, defense, health sciences, renewable energy, and transportation. Florida's capital, Tallahassee, is a part of Leon County, and also acts as the county seat.

Two of Florida's main Universities, Florida State University and Florida A&M University, are also a part of Leon County. As a result, Leon County has the highest average level of education among Florida's 67 counties. Leon County's regional economy remained stable throughout the recession as a result of a significant public sector presence. The unemployment rate has decreased and is below the state average at 8.1%. The housing market has not been as negatively affected in this county as in the rest of the state; the tax base loss is moderate and foreclosure rates equal the national average. The largest private sector employers are Tallahassee Memorial healthcare, Publix Supermarkets, Walmart, Capital Regional medical Center, and ACS. Top public employers are the State of Florida, Florida State University, Leon County Schools, City of Tallahassee, and Florida A&M University. ..more

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Owner Details

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  1. Leonterra Homeowners Association, Inc. (4567 Berklie Dr)
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  3. Seymour R. And Joan W. Rosen Family Partnership, Ltd. (4591 Berklie Dr)
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Leon County Real Estate - Tallahassee


Tallahassee is the seventh most populous city in Florida and serves as the state's capital. Tallahassee is located in Leon County. Much of Tallahassee's economy revolves around the city's numerous colleges and universities, including Florida State University and Florida A&M University. Trade and agriculture are also central to Tallahassee's economy. Tallahassee is a regional center for scientific research. The largest and highest powered magnet research laboratory in the world, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, is located in Tallahassee. Top employers for Tallahassee are State of Florida, Florida State University, Leon County Schools, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, and City of Tallahassee.

Tallahassee is in North West Florida. It's population as recorded in the 2010 Census was 181,376.

The median age for residents of Tallahassee is 26.1. Around 23.5% of Tallahassee households include school aged children and 15% of households include individuals aged 65 years or over. Census records indicate 57.4% of the Tallahassee population are White, 34.9% are Black or African American, .2% American Indian, 3.6% Asian and 2.3% are Two or more Races.

There are 84,248 housing units in Tallahassee. 9,433 (11.1%) of these were reported as vacant in the 2010 Census. There are 49,757 residential rental units in Tallahassee. 43,829 of them were occupied in 2010 providing a residential rental vacancy rate of 11.6%.

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Local Household Income

The median household income in this part of Florida is $68,189. The bottom 10% of the population earn less than $18,749 per year. The top 10% earn more than $149,117 per year. The top 1% earn more than $456,616 per year. Most renters earn between $25,848 (20th percentile) and $49,320 (80th percentile) per year.

Source: US Census American Community Survey - 2007-2011 ACS 5-year PUMS estimates

Local Rents

The median monthly rent in this part of Florida is $873. Most renters earn between $2,154 and $4,110 per month. They typically spend 32% of their monthly income on rent. Most rents fall in the $596 (20th percentile) to $1,247 (80th percentile) range. The residential vacancy rate is 7%.

Estimated Value: 4581 Berklie Dr

Market Data

In 2013 class A single family properties in Tallahassee sold for $100.83 to 908.10 per sq ft with a median price per sq ft of $112.40. Class B properties sold for $58.25 to 100.82 per sq ft with a median of $83.65 and class C properties sold for $10.14 to 58.24 per sq ft with a median of $47.91.

Market Valuation

4581 Berklie Dr appears to be a B Class property. Suggested value: $200,198

Value241,290 200,198 139,408

Income Valuation - Residential/Gross Lease

Visulate estimates the income value of this property is $92,400. Details of how we produced this estimate value appear below:

The income value of a property identifies its value as a rental property, Value = Rent - Expenses / Cap Rate. The following table shows four different rent estimates for 4581 Berklie Dr:

  • The Household Income estimate assumes the tenant has a total household income of $124,715 and spends 32% of this on rent. The household income estimate is derived from census data and tax records.
  • The Household Income - Renters estimate performs a similar calculation based on the household income of renters rather than all households.
  • The Market Rents estimate evaluates this property in comparison to rental properties in the area.
  • The Price/Ft estimate uses the size of the property to estimate its rent.

Click on a rent value to download a spreadsheet that estimates the NOI (net operating income), cash on cash return, income value and IRR (internal rate of return) for this property.

Valuation ModelMonthly Rent
Household Income - All Households $3,326
Household Income - Renters $1,378
Market Rents $1,304
Price/Ft $1,834

Expense Estimates:

  • Census data records show 7% of the rental properties in this area are vacant. We've added a 5% bad dept allowance to this.
  • Maintenance costs are estimated based on the size of the property.
  • The property tax estimate uses the average millage rate for the county. It does not include adjustments for city or unincorporated areas. Actual taxes may vary.
  • Insurance estimates are based on the size and location of the property. They are not adjusted for age, flood zone or other risk factors
  • We don't have a way to estimate HOA fees. These should be added manually

The following table shows a income valuation estimate for 4581 Berklie Dr. Download a spreadsheet or click on the Estimate Cashflow link to change its estimates and assumptions. Alternatively, click on the Save button to upload a copy of the spreadsheet to Google Drive.

Monthly Rent1,304
Annual Rent per Sq Ft7.00
Gross Annual Rent15,653
Vacancies and Bad Debt12%
Vacancies and Bad Debt Amount1,878
HOA, Utilities and CAM0
Property Taxes3,410
Management Fees1,565
Cap Rate7
Estimated Value92,400
Edit Values and Estimate Cashflow Estimate Cashflow
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